Hostess Gifts : Apple Cider Mix

Hostess with the mostess apple cider

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So we all know that Thanksgiving is a coming very quickly ! How many of you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year?

I do believe this is our year to go around to our families houses, but we always make a Thanksgiving dinner for home. I love to host parties and holidays at home, but I also don’t have a problem with sharing the hostess duties with the other family members as well.

I like to think of myself as a good hostess. Maybe even a Hostess with the Mostess… modestly speaking. I feed my guest well and get them really full, then I almost always send them home with some type of little gift. Nothing too expensive. Just a little something that says thank you so much for coming because I really do believe in being a good hostess ! I think it’s just the polite thing to do !

Hostess with the mostess apple cider

Speaking of gifts, I don’t like to show up to another’s house without something for the host or hostess. I normally am almost ALWAYS asked to bring macaroni and cheese and red velvet cupcakes for any type of family gathering, but I like to give the host and hostess a little something just for them you know something they can use for real !

Hostess with the mostess apple cider

So I made a little apple cider hostess gift box that consist of apple cider packets, apple cider spice mix, caramel syrup, caramel candy chews and a cute mug that I designed and made with my Silhouette Cameo. Super simple and I think super cute !

Here is what I did:

Hostess with the mostess apple cider

Made a mug using my Silhouette Cameo

Picked up a photo box from Joanne’s fabric. I love the gold polka dots !

Picked up a spring top bottle and a cute chalkboard labeled jar ( dollar bin ! ) from Michael’s.

Picked up some apple cider packets, caramel chews and caramel syrup from the grocery store

Dumped a bag of crinkle paper in the bottom of the photo box

Filled the bottle with caramel syrup

Hostess with the mostess apple cider

Made the spice mixture ( recipe below ) and placed it in the box along with the cute mug,  syrup, apple cider packets and caramel chews.

Tied some pretty ribbon around it and made a cute bow

Hostess with the mostess apple cider

I them made some labels with my Silhouette Mint stamping machine. OH MY FRIENDS !! I LOVE this machine,  but we’ll talk a little more in-depth about that later.

Hostess with the mostess apple cider

And there you have it a wonderful gift that you can give as a hostess gift ! You could even give this to your guest as a gift when they’re leaving your house !

Hostess with the mostess apple cider

Whatever you decide to give as hostess gift this holiday season, I hope you’ll add this super simple yet super thoughtful little gift idea to your list of to-do’s ! This will also make a wonderful Christmas gift as well !

Let me know what you think !

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November 10, 2015


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