She Does A Bunch Events is a full service event planning and design firm. We specialize in custom event design, including but not limited to wedding planning, custom backdrops, and dessert table displays. We pride ourselves on paying special attention to every detail. Our mission is to ensure that your special event is as perfectly executed as it is beautiful.

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hello + welcome

meet Nicole

let me tell you a bit about myself...

meet Nicole

let me tell you a bit about myself...

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I'M a sucker for details...

But that's a plus for you and your event!!

I simply ADORE

my husband & kids! They come in right behind Jesus and are THE REASON that I am able to do what I do!

i love jesus,

without Him I am absolutely nothing ! I strive everyday to be the woman He has called me to be. Some days I don’t get it right but I’m operating under grace not perfection!

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HA!! True story...I really am!!

I'M a preachers wife 

Working out, vlogging, dressing up, shopping, traveling, smelling good and so much more!

a few things i love...

It doesn’t take much AT ALL to get me excited!!! I get excited about the smallest things!

I can't help it...

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(LIKE, REALLY LOVE) TO LAUGH!! And I REALLY, REALLY (REALLY)  LOVE to use exclamation points!!!

OH, I also love

Yeah...need I say more?!


to cook, eat, clean, entertain, make pretty and inviting spaces, encourage & motivate others. I also have a slight obsession with clothing (especially midi skirts !!!) makeup, fresh flowers, baking, DIY projects, managing our home & organizing.

i absolutely love 

to join me on this journey

I want us to find joy in the things that we do everyday. I started She Does A Bunch to give some inspiration to the women that wear so many hats. To let you know that you have creative gifts and talents to transfer your house into a home by using what YOU have in your hands!


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I invite you

We all need a bit of encouragement from time to time ! That’s why we’re here ! It is my prayer that something said or done here will inspire, encourage & uplift US to be the women God has called US to be!

We are a lot alike, we do a bunch ! We decorate and design our homes beautifully, we can cook a gourmet meal (or not ;), we can plan big parties and we are the DIY queens…


What you will see here is homemaking, event design and entertaining, advocacy for mental health and self care, pretty things, home décor, a little fashion and lots of lifestyle, BUT more importantly real life things because I believe in being REAL!! It’s the only way to be in my opinion! So grab you a little  something to drink and stay a while!!

xoxo, Nicole

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