10 Days Of Organizing Master Bath Linen Closet

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

10 Days Of Organizing Master Bathroom Linen Closet 

Happy New Year Friends !

I think I may have said that in a earlier post but, it never hurts to say it again ! 

Anyways… I am back along with a group of other talented blogger friends to bring you #10DaysOfOrganizing ! Each one of the awesome ladies have organized some room in their lovely homes and I am learning so much from each of them. It really is an honored to be included among such talent !

OK !! So when the ladies came to me about a project, I had to stop at picking just one thing to do ! You all know how I LOVE to organize stuff !! So after talking with the hubs about what we could do and after him bringing me back to reality amidst all of my wild dreams, we decided to do out Master Bathroom Linen Closet !

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

What is that you say?!? You have a closet in your master? Why yes we do and I love it ! I believe the previous owners, opted for the closet in the bathroom instead of the stand alone shower and let me tell you… Way better choice ! You see, in our last house, we had a stand alone shower and I HATED, I mean HATED cleaning that thing !! So this is a better option for us ! 


She Does a Bunch master bath closet

As with any new build, it came with the wire racks. Now there is nothing wrong with those ! As a matter of fact, they are all over the house ! However, in our bathroom, I knew I wanted more of a spa feel. You know, somewhere that I could retreat to when I got ready to do my night self-care !

So, I told the hubs what I wanted and he built it for me !! I love that man !! 

I will have for you a tutorial on how to build the shelves once he gives me the deets !

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

In our bathroom, I knew my space had to be organized. After all, I love to organize and I love an organized space. 

Today I wanted to give you a few tips to keep your linen closet or any closet that you may have organized. So here goes !

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

1. Access the items that you have. 

I am a coupon girl ! I think I’ve told you that before. I buy lots of soap, detergent, toothpaste etc. I normally try my best to keep everything organized, but sometimes the kids come in and don’t really respect your need and love for organization. So sometimes things can get messed up. Accessing what you have causes you to one not over buy and two allows you to know what you need to put in your organization plan. I knew between my hubs and I, we had a lot of soap and body wash, so I needed to make allowances for that. 

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

2. Have a space for everything 

Meaning once you access your needs, map out a plan that causes you to have space for all the items you’ll be keeping. For example, I have a few towels lol !! I knew that I wanted to have my own towels in my closet, separate from the main linen closet in the hall. I also knew that I had a ton of soap and body wash, but I didn’t want to keep all that stuff in our closet. So I kept what we would use and out the rest in the hall linen closet. I also picked up boxes and this cute hamper from Michael’s because they are having an amazing sale !! 

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

The boxes hold our towels, hand and face clothes perfectly. They also hold our toiletry items as well !! I just love how this closet turned out !

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

3.  If you’re not happy with it, change it !

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am a firm believer of if you don’t love it you shouldn’t have it in your home. Like I mentioned before, I don’t mind the wire shelves, but I didn’t want them in our master, so we changed it ! I’m so glad that we did !! 

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

4. Make it yours and do what works for you ! 

I am an organizing junkie !! It makes my OCD heart glad to see a beautiful & compartmentalized space !! However, all the boxes and trays may not be your thing  and that’s perfectly OK! I do believe in a streamlined designed, but you may like things in a different type of order! That’s cool too ! The main thing is for your space to be clean, organized and totally 100% you ! As Home Goods would say, “Make Home Yours” !! You’ll never go wrong with that, I promise !! 

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

Well I hope you enjoyed our little master bathroom linen closet ! I for one love how it turned out and I think my daughters do too because they used it before we did !! The nerve lol !!! 

She Does a Bunch master bath closet

Tell me some ways that you have organized in your homes… I’d love to hear from you ! 

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Until next time

Happy Organizing !! 


January 12, 2017



  1. lelita10 says:

    pretty, pretty, pretty! Oh how I lve a beautiful space and boy is this gorgeous! I live the wooden boxes so neat and wonderfully organized Nicole! ????????????

  2. A says:

    wow.. just WOW! I am so considering getting a closet or shelving place in our bathroom! The standalone shower we have NEVER gets used. Thanks for the great ideas Nicole!

  3. I love what you did with your space. I actually made it a point to get drawer dividers for my kitchen drawers and love them. Now I want some made for my dresser drawers

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you so much Jamala !! I say go for it ! I love any type of organizing and if it works for you,go right ahead !

  4. Nicole, this is simply gorgeous!! I have wire shelving everywhere and would love something custom like yours. I can’t wait for the tutorial! I agree, having a place for everything makes my hear pitter patter as well!

  5. Andrea says:

    So nice! My master linen closet really needs help. We have wire shelves and I hate them! Good job girl.

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you so much Andrea! I was determined to get rid of those wire shelves ! Now to decide if I want to replace all of them lol !!

  6. Connie says:

    Nicole does it again! That should be the title. This is absolutely gorgeous. I do not have a linen closet in my bathroom, but I am looking for ways to organize my cabinets under my sink. Help! I coupon as well and my stock pile is under my sink, and in my office closet.

    • Nicole says:

      LOL !! Thank you so much Connie !! I will be doing more organization post very soon ! In the meantime, head over to my Pinterest and lets see if we cant start getting that stockpile organized !

  7. Love, love, love! Everything is not only organized but so pretty!


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