Last Minute Thanksgiving Tablescape

She Does a Bunch Tables

She Does a Bunch Tables

Happy Thanksgiving Eve friends ! 

I trust that all of you are in the process of prepping those turkeys and getting those delicious dinner recipes together for your thanksgiving meal ! 

As I have stated before we are hosting here in our house for the holidays. I generally don’t tend to be last-minute, but this year for Thanksgiving, I am a little off schedule, but nothing that can’t be fixed !

She Does a Bunch Tables

I got together with a few of my blogger friends to bring you a few ideas for last-minute tablescapes ! How befitting this post was for me HA !!! I wanted a really simple, but natural, not overdone look. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know that I shared on my story the table that my hubs built ! I love this table so much !! 

She Does a Bunch Tables

So I wanted to give you a few tips to create your own last-minute tablescape. Of course… that’s IF you haven’t done so already ! Wait did I mention this was last-minute LOL ???!!

She Does a Bunch Tables


  1. Shop your own home before you buy anything

Confession: I probably have a mini Michael’s and Hobby Lobby over here ! Seriously !! I know that everyone doesn’t style parties, but I’m pretty sure that you have some beautiful things in your home that can be used to make a beautiful tablescape. I pulled together some candle holders that I already had here. Along with some herbs and greenery that I cut right from my backyard and some candles. I know that you may not have as much stuff in your home, but I promise with a little creativity you too can make a tablescape that you and your guest will love !

She Does a Bunch Tables

She Does a Bunch Tables

2. Grocery store flowers and candles are your friend !

If it weren’t for the grocery store, I probably wouldn’t have fresh flowers in the house every week ! You don’t need a lot to make a statement. Again, all it takes is just a tad little bit of creativity ! Candles can create a mood and ambiance that is second to none ! If possible, be sure to use unscented candles. Just so the smell of the candles aren’t competing or clashing with your delicious cuisine !!

She Does a Bunch Tables

She Does a Bunch Tables

3. Don’t over think it ! 

Guilty !!! Truth is, if you entertain your family and friends with the true spirit of hospitality, they will feel your love and effort that went into making your table and everything else beautiful ! So, don’t over think or try to do too much !! As I’ve stated before, just relax and enjoy the moment ! I believe I pulled this table together in 20 Minutes !

She Does a Bunch Tables

She Does a Bunch Tables

I hope that you gained some inspiration from my super last-minute tablescape LOL!!! I also hope that you’ve been inspired to create your own unique display ! 

Be sure to check out my other friends and their gorgeous tables !

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She Does a Bunch Tables

On behalf of my family, I want to wish you and your loved ones a safe, blessed and Happy Thanksgiving !!! 

Much Love, 


November 23, 2016




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