HomeMaker Monday: Hosting For the Holidays 

She Does a Bunch Hosting for the holidays


She Does a Bunch Hosting for the holidays

Happy Monday Friends !! 

So we are at the end of the year and you know what that means The Holidays !!… IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR !!! Thanksgiving and Christmas have to be among 2 of my favorite holidays !! 

With us being in our new home, we are hosting all the holidays here and I can’t tell you how excited I am !!! I know that hosting for the holidays can seem daunting, but with a little planning and some early preparation, it doesn’t have to be. 

She Does a bunch Hosting For The Holidays

As you all know, I absolutely LOVE to entertain. With me being a Homemaker, showing hospitality and love to all those who enter into our home isn’t just something I do. It’s my ministry and apart of my calling !! Homemaking is about the intent of your heart. It’s not something to do to be seen or to be taking lightly. It’s also not something that has to be perfect and elaborate. I think people sometimes forget that. So today I wanted to share a few tips with you for NO STRESS hosting for the holidays.  There is absolutely no need to stress !! We are going to get through this season together ! 

sdab christmas decor

1. Plan

One of my favorite quotes of all time is: “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. I can’t stress this enough. Planning every single aspect of the holidays will immediately cut about half of your stress. If you don’t have a planner specifically for the holidays ( like I do lol) don’t worry about it !! I’m hoping that you have some sort of system that you use for planning. Make a special section for holidays, ideas, decor and anything related to the holidays. That way, you won’t feel as overwhelmed leading up to the holidays. Because you’ll already have a game plan in place.

2.  Write out a timeline 

This goes along with step 1. Timelines help me to get things done ! If you haven’t already started, sit down a couple of weeks in advance and give yourself a realistic time to get everything you need accomplished. Schedule everything into your timeline. Break that down into how much ever time you will need for the specific task. Cleaning, shopping, grocery shopping etc. The key is to again set realistic expectations for yourself, so that you’re not overwhelmed. 

3. Clean out your refrigerator 

Oh my word !! This step here will be such a stress reliever if you take the time to do it properly. If you’re not weekly cleaning out your fridge, then let’s go ahead and take the time to do a deep clean. Check expiration dates on foods, especially in jars. Wipe down shelves and take those crisper drawers out and wash them. I know that all of you already do this !!  Be sure to also clean the fridge before your weekly trash collection comes. You don’t want old chicken sitting outside in the dumpster all week! Also, be sure to check your trash collection holiday dates. Around the holidays, they change our dates, so be sure to check that out. One step better would be to go to your city’s website and print the holiday trash schedule. That way you are being proactive !

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

I know that some of you are the “hostess with the mostesses” and that’s great, so am I lol, but if someone ask if they can help you, it’s perfectly ok to graciously accept. It’s perfectly fine !! No man or woman is an island and from time to time we all need help. Be sure to have a list of items that you can delegate to someone else. This way you can avoid overload and burnout and you’ll be able to enjoy your guest !! 

5. Be Original 

 Do I need to elaborate?!? Maybe just a tad… it’s perfectly ok to be inspired, that’s why we have Pinterest, the internet and social media. They are wonderful tools ! Just please whatever you do, don’t copy. Be original !! Let your personality shine through in your homes ! That includes holiday decor, party decor or anything else !! Find YOUR uniqueness and let it reign in every single thing you do !! 

6. Relax and enjoy the moment 

There is nothing worse than hosting something in your home and being so busy working that you forget to enjoy it.Be sure to take the time out to plan ahead so that you’ll be able to avoid all of this ! 



Join me back here on Wednesday. We’ll be beginning our Hosting For The Holidays series here on She Does a Bunch !! 

Until next time Friends

What are some ways you stay stress free while you’re hosting for the holidays ? I’d love to know ! 


November 21, 2016




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