How To: Thanksgiving Table Ideas

She Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table

Happy Thursday Friends ! There is one more day until the weekend and I hope everyone has had a good week so far ! I’m here today wanting to share a little Thanksgiving Day inspiration with you !

She Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table

I absolutely love everything about setting tables ! When I do parties or any type of event, the first thing I create is the table setting. For me, it just sets the tone for the rest of your space. Now normally we don’t always have a formal table setting all the time… Not even ! I mean those things have to be dusted… I’m so not about that everyday dusting life LOL  !

Any who when I’m feeling fancy, I like to pull my dishes out ( because I  have a lot ! ) and just play around with different things. I also love to throw together a floral arrangement or some type of centerpiece that is unique to my style.

She Does a BUnch: Thanksgiving Table Ideas

This table that I put together, I knew I wanted to have fresh elements and I knew I wanted to have it kinda simple. I also wanted a design that was versatile so that I wouldn’t have to do much changing when Christmas came along. Just a little switching out of some plates and fabrics. I wanted to have something on the table that was edible, but also something that I knew I could just toss when it got old or bad.

She Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table Ideas

I have always been a very big fan of kale and cabbage. I love to eat kale ! Whether in a meal or a smoothie. its my main go to leafy green. I’m not a big cabbage fan, but those leaves though !!

She Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table IdeasShe Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table Ideas

I wanted to offer you a few tips to setup up your own table for Thanksgiving, There is nothing like preparing for your family and friends, not only the food, but the d├ęcor and design that comes from the heart. There’s just nothing like it !

She Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table

No you don’t have to run out and spend a lot of money unless you just want to ! Your table design should be something so unique to you that when your family and friends come over, they feel the love, time and sacrifice you put into designing your space. It should exude throughout your home ! After all that is the real reason we entertain ! Because we love to feed and fellowship with our family and friends and we love to express our love through feeding folks !  ( I am definitely from The South !! ) And entertaining in your home is one of the BEST ways I can think of !

Here are a few tips to set a table that will have you ready to entertain in no time !

She Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Show Off YOUR Design Style

As you can see from my table I LOVE metallic, glitter and gold. I also love rustic touches as well.  You know I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll !!  I like to call it ” Rustic Glam ” because that’s precisely what it is. That’s what makes it special, because it’s ALL MY STYLE, it’s what I love !! Be sure to stay true to your style, even if you’re not sure what that is yet. A good way to get started is to gravitate towards things that you like. If you LOVE color like I absolutely do !! Then by all means do that. I wanted to embrace my neutral side this go round, so that’s what I did, but the glitter gold and rustic touches are still there ! Who knows by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I will have changed the centerpieces ! That’s just how I roll !

She Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Dare To Be Different

Like I stated before stay true to your personal style. This time in the centerpieces I knew I wanted to have something edible. I didn’t want to do flower arrangements per say. I wanted them to last for a bit. My love for kale and cabbage leaves came in handy. I then took some green apples that I had on hand from the Caramel Apples. I then took some oregano from my mini herb garden and VOILA!! I have an arrangement that didn’t cost but about $7 to make. I used pumpkins, but just wanted a little splash of glam. So I mod-podged and glitter the stems and some of the tops. Pair that with the look of the dough bowl from Hobby Lobby and my lovely striped candles from Michael’s and there is my centerpiece !

She Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table IdeasShe Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table Ideas

SN: I bought the candles from Michael’s back in August when they began to put out Halloween stuff ! I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but given my love for black and white stripes, it was destined to be !

Moving  on… don’t be afraid to be different when it comes to your table design choices. Not only with your centerpieces, but that includes your dishes and textiles as well !!

She Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Don’t Neglect The Dishes

HMMMM !!! Sounds like something I would tell my teens ! Don’t think that you have to buy bone china to have a beautiful table setting. Now if you have bone china… by all means use that please ! If you don’t, then HomeGoods and Target are some of my favorite places to shop for dishes. we no longer have a World Market here…. so, so sad. The flatware you see I purchased from Target. Here is some similar.

Monogram Birch Wood Place Cards

 Anyway, my cream plates that you see here are from Ree Drummond’s new line of housewares at Wal-Mart ! YES… Wal-Mart !! I love these dishes ! I also love to mix and match my plates. The gold detailed plates you see are from Home Goods. Along with the bowls that say “Gather Together on the front. What a true and relevant sentiment for Thanksgiving !

Monogram Birch Wood Place Cards

Put a Ring On It

Napkin rings that is ! We don’t always use cloth napkins, but for holidays it’s perfectly acceptable. These buffalo check napkins are from you guessed it Home Goods ! The DIY Monogrammed place cards that you see here are made with birch wood. You can find that tutorial here.

So there you have it ! Some easy tips that you can use to design and decorate your Thanksgiving Table. Your table doesn’t have to be magazine perfect. Your table, however the design, should be filled with your style, your love for entertaining and your love for your family and friends ! Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the people in your life.

Until next time !

Love, Love





November 5, 2015




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