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Happy Monday friends !! 

Welcome to the first installment of Homemaker Monday’s !! 

I wanted to start this series because I get asked lot of questions about homemaking. Like I’ve said before, it’s not the easiest job in the world, but the benefits and rewards are second to none ! 

I am really passionate about homemaking, like really passionate and I wanted to share things that have and still do work for me today. 

Sunday planning is first up on the list ! This is one of my favorite weekend things to do ! On Sunday evenings, I gather all my planning supplies and go to work. 

Because for me pretty and functional go hand in hand, I use The Happy Planner. I’ve had a still do have my Day Designer, but I can customize my happy planner which I LOVE !! You know me, I’m ALL about being true to you! 

Sunday’s are sacred for me and my family knows that. I use that time to get my life for the week. If not, my week is a mess and I don’t feel like I’ve utilized my time correctly. I’m purposeful about my days. 

Here’s a look at how my Sunday evening routine looks… 

Setting up my planner for the week 

Like I said before, my happy planner is customizable. So every week I decorate my layout. The Happy Planner is just that… It’s Happy! Happy colors, happy stickers, happy washi tape that makes my planning experience super fun! 

During this time, I put all my appointments, important task and to do list in here. I also will jot down what cleaning task I have for each day in my personal planner. I also have a big Happy Planner pad that I place the cleaning schedule on or any information that the rest of the family needs to know. Appointments, early release days, stuff like that. I also place what their lunch choices are too !

Meal Planning & Making a Shopping List 

We get the Sunday paper, so every week, I’m checking sales. I meal plan based on the items that are on sale. I also make list of anything else we may need at stores like toiletries, clothing etc. and I cut coupons too ! 

There is a section in the home management packet of my happy planner that is for meal planning. I’ve taken the meal planning section and placed it in my recipe planner. That way I can take the entire booklet to the grocery store on Mondays instead of my everyday planner. I have TONS of cookbooks, but I wanted to have a place where I keep some of my family’s favorite recipes. Also to use as a wonderful keepsake for my girls. Those girls of mine LOVE to cook and bake! My little mini me’s ! 

In my meal planner, I plan all the meals for the week. Breakfast,lunch and dinner goes on the list. Most of the time breakfasts and lunches are pretty repetitive so that makes it easier. I try to cook only 3 -4 times a week and have leftovers in between. Doesn’t always work out, because with growing kids and teens come growing appetites ! You can make it work though ! 

Prep kids for the week 

On Sunday evenings during the school year, I have my kids get ALL their clothes for the week, iron them and hang them up in their closets. That goes for underclothes, socks and shoes. 

You have to know your kids. One of my girls can wake up early and get her clothes out in the morning with no problem. The teen can’t do that, she has to prepare at night. So to save myself some stress, they’ve been doing this Sunday routine for years and it works! It just takes a little extra time on Sunday’s. However, it saves you so much time throughout the week. 

By the way, both my girls 11 and 14 have planners ! It helps a lot. They love to keep track of their own things. It also teaches them responsibility and I’m big on that! 

With all these little tidbits I’ve shared, they all take a little extra time on Sunday’s but they save you so much time and sanity throughout the week ! I have been doing all these things for years and they are lifesavers… Trust me. 

There you have it, Sunday planning is a must for busy ladies ! I hope the first installment of HomeMaker Monday’s was a helpful one. I’d love to hear what you think ! Leave me a comment or send me an email letting me know what else you’d like to see on this continual series. 

Like I said, it’s not easy work, but very rewarding ! Commanding your week as I like to call it sets you and your family up for success ! I hope if you’re not carrying out some of these things, that you’ll start today ! 

Until next time

Happy planning !


August 22, 2016




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