Galentine’s Day Vision Board Brunch

Happy Tuesday Friends!!

So over the weekend, I hosted a small intimate Galentines Day Vision Board Brunch. This was my 2nd annual vision board party and it was even better than the last!

I talked about how creating vision boards worked very well for me in 2018 here and helped me achieve some big goals I had. You all also know my love all things Valentine’s day, so this year I combined the two.

I knew I wanted it to be pretty, but also meaningful. So I started the way I start any party and that’s with a good theme. I knew I wanted it to be bright, colorful and girly. Here is a closer look at some of the details.


The theme I chose to come up with was not really a theme persay, but more of a play on colors. I knew I wanted something super bright and colorful and girly. I found the cutest lip theme plates and colorful napkins at Swoozies one of my favorite stores


Breakfast food is my favorite food, so brunch was definitely in order. My daughter Jordan made these super cute heart shaped cream cheese danish with berries.

We also had Greek yogurt parfaits with granola and berries. We also had a few other goodies that I didn’t get pictures of such as a sausage and potato casserole, mini quiches, bacon, heart shaped donuts, and a mock mimosa bar. Sorry y’all! We were starving lol!! My hubs was the caterer for the day and was NOT on his best behavior!


I don’t think I did too too much!! I wanted to stick with the bright vibe of the lip plates I had purchased. A balloon arch and some simple floral arrangements in different shades of pink and coral went perfect with the overall theme. I am a party supply hoarder because hello I’m a party planner! The table runner was one of those items I already had on hand.

Vision Board Planning

This may have been the part of the party with the least amount of work. I started out by sending an evite to some of my faves. When I found out how many ladies would be coming, I was able to gather my supplies which consisted of:

  • Old magazines
  • Pinterest
  • Glue sticks and double sided tape
  • Poster board
  • Lots of stickers
  • Colorful scrapbook paper

If you’re wondering why Pinterest, if you don’t have a lot of magazines, not a problem! You can create a board on Pinterest, download the photos to your phone or computer and use a collage app to make a sheet of photos, print and cut them out and add them to your board!!

The rest was up to everyone one else which was to create their vision boards. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of those either!

So there you have it, my Galentine’s Vision Board Brunch. We had a blast. Not only did we eat good food and put our goals on paper, but we also had some meaningful girl talk, which is always in order!

I highly recommend doing one of these sometime during the year. Doing it with your girlfriend’s makes it that much more fun!

Until next time,


February 12, 2019




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