Date Night Ideas At Home !


Happy Friday Friends !

I trust that you had a wonderful week and even if you didn’t, it’s the weekend now ! SO we can just get ready to enjoy that ! 

In honor of National Spouse day which was on the 26th of January and because it’s Friday, I wanted to share with you some simple date nights that you could do at home ! 

I truly believe that you should date your spouse quite often.Like every week. I know that may be difficult for some because you may have little’s or your budget may keep you from not being able to “go out” all the time. Well !! Date nights don’t always have to be outside the home. You can have some amazing date nights right inside of your own homes and it can be economical and fun. I prefer to do date nights at home, that way the focus is really just on us. We get dressed up or not and we have ourselves a date night right in the comforts of our own home. 

Date Nights at home


I think that a wonderful idea for date night is to have one where you cook together. Just the two of you. My hubby and I cook together all the time, however our date nights are special. If our son is home that weekend, we’ll have him take the girls out for the night (like tonight !!) or we’ll schedule with our parents for them to stay the night with them. That way it’s all us ! I wanted to give you a few tips to plan a date night at home and enjoy your spouse as well ! 

Date Nights at home

1. Make a plan .

You ladies know that I am a planner at heart. So the key to any successful date is to plan it out ! That doesn’t mean that you still can’t be spontaneous… On the contrary. Planning the night out will give you a sense of direction in how you’d like the overall feel of the evening to be. I didn’t say plan every single detail. No ma’am. Plan things such as, what you’ll eat or if you decide to play any games, etc. When it comes to the real carrying out, let the chips fall where they may! It’s just more fun that way!

Date Nights at home

2. Dress up or not ! 

My hubby sometimes gets home and it’s a little late. I know the last thing he wants to do is to get dressed up and I’m perfectly OK with that. Even though I know that he would do it for me, I don’t press the issue. Your date night at home is about doing whatever makes the two of you comfortable. Besides by the time the end of the night is up, you will probably end up taking the clothes off anyway !! Just sayin… Isn’t that the one of the goals LOL !! 

Date Nights at home

3. Set the atmosphere and appeal to all 5 senses. 

What do I mean by that? We all know what they are… Touch, Sight, Hearing, Taste and Smell.  

So when it is time for date night, be sure to appeal to ALL 5 of those senses. Set the atmosphere in your homes.

Date Nights at home

  1. Sight – Make sure your space is clean, free of clutter. Most importantly, make sure YOU look as good even in your “dress down attire” !
  2. Smell – Light a few candles or use a room spray that sets the mood you’re trying to invoke. Make sure that you smell great as well !
  3. Hearing – Put on some type of music or a movie that sets the tone for the evening – also make sure that YOU are saying just the right things that he needs to hear, you know your man, so you know precisely what that will be. Event though alot of men probably want to hear the same things LOL !! They are not complicated creatures AT ALL !! 
  4. Taste – Make sure the meal the two of you prepare or the takeout you get is one of your favorites to eat. The hubs and I are foodies, so anything fresh and with simple yet well seasoned flavors we love !!
  5. Touch – Make sure that your skin is as soft as a newborns bottom LOL !!! Really though !!

Date Nights at home


4. Make sure that you relax and enjoy your spouse !

The entire purpose of date night is to disconnect from the rest of the world and to connect with each other. Which is why you should try your best to do it at least once a week. There are a lot of things that take place in a week and you may not always have time to discuss what the happenings were throughout. Take your date nights as a time to do that, but be sure to keep the conversation on a positive and upbeat note, so that you don’t ruin the night with negativity ! Deal with it another night, not date night ! Above all else, be sure to just relax, let your hair and your guard down and enjoy your spouse ! If you do these things, I promise that not only will you have a successful date night, but you’ll have a super successful rest of your evening as well ! Your husband will certainly thank you ! Believe me LOL !!

Date Nights at home

So do you all have date nights at home? If so, what are some ideas and suggestions that you may have for the other ladies reading and myself? I love hearing from you ! 

I am in the process now of planning our date night at home tonight, so we will definitely chat later !

.Until next time friends

Date Your Mate !!


January 27, 2017



  1. Arie says:

    I believe every word you said.. It’s very important that you take some valuable time with your spouse… Feed the needs Nicole…

  2. These are great tips! And you and your hubby look so cute! You definitely look like you have fun together! <3

  3. Michele says:

    I love at-home date nights… we’re so busy that staying home and relaxing together sometimes feels like a special treat. Enjoyed this post as well – your humor made me laugh out loud and the photos of you and your hubby made me smile – you are so cute together! You can tell how much you enjoy each other’s company.

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you Michele !!! We really do have fun together and home date nights are just perfect! Especially if you’re busy !!!


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