Happy Hump Day Friends !

I trust that every one of you had a wonderful Christmas by spending lots of time with friends and family. For my family, its about celebrating and remembering the birth of JESUS CHRIST !

Let’s talk about why we’re here today !! I’m so glad you’re here !



I believe that social media is simply amazing WHEN used correctly. For me, I love the beauty that comes with connecting with other people who I otherwise may have never connected with. I love connecting with other women who love Jesus FOR REAL, love their homes, husbands and/or children. Ladies who have creative gifts and talents and are using them to build their homes and further The Kingdom ! Through the beauty of social media, I have met such beautiful people. One of those beautiful ladies I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with is Kellee.

I’ve followed Kellee for a while and while she’s a wonderful wedding planner with a serious eye for design and detail, she’s also an AWESOME woman of God. Her heart for Jesus is just like nothing I’ve ever seen and she’s just like a breath of fresh air ! I told her this too!

I was recently asked by my sweet Sister In Christ Kellee to become a brand ambassador for her amazing campaign entitled #AndMeCampaign ! When Kellee reached out and explained about the #AndMeCampaign, I instantly knew this was God and that this was for me.

Esther saved her people.
Hannah made a vow.
Mary birthed the King of Kings.
Ruth was a loyal friend.

I totally can identify with these women listed here. They were just ordinary women called by God to do extraordinary things.

Here is my part in that story.


I have to be totally honest with you, I didn’t always value my place as a wife and mom and staying in the home. Seriously I didn’t. I was young and really didn’t understand the constant giving of yourself that comes with marriage and motherhood. I would complain almost everyday about cooking and cleaning. I fussed ALOT !! I wasn’t nice to my husband all the time. I didn’t understand the ministry aspect that came with being a Christian wife and mom in the home. I felt less than and degraded. I use to listen to those voices that said ” Oh you’re just a wife, you’re just a mom. . You don’t do anything, you’re not bringing money into the house. They don’t really appreciate you. You’re basically a maid to them. That’s a whole lot of stinking thinking isn’t it ? The funny thing is, my husband never said any of those things to me… not once. It was just the opposite. He was always encouraging me. I had stinking thinking !!! Those feelings were how I viewed myself. What I thought about me and they came way before I had children or a husband. I had a time with WHO I was in my earlier twenties and that’s the honest truth !


While my relationship with Christ grew, HE taught me what it meant to be His daughter. My dad and mom separated when I was little and then my dad died when I was 11. So I really didn’t know what a dad was supposed to look like. That was a big part of my issues ! My husband used to tell me I had daddy issues, but I didn’t want to hear that. He was right though, I did.

My lack of having a father present to affirm and let me know what a real dad should look like caused me to feel as though I was lacking in some area of my life. Honestly my dad wasn’t the best dad, he let alcohol get the best of him and it wasn’t until he was on his death-bed, that he confessed to me how bad of a dad he’d been. I wasn’t upset with him after all, I just viewed him as being sick and that interfered with his daddy duties.I had to deal with MY issues as a woman. 

God let me know just how important I was to Him and how much HE loved me ! ME !!!  He let me know that being the wife and mother that I was CALLED to be AND being present in our home was THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB I’D EVER HAVE !! Do I always get it right ? Nope, but on the hard days, GRACE is right there to have my back when I fall short.

And Marriage …. Girl … Is so beautiful, but it is also hard work AND Is about service and selflessness !!! Love is not about a feeling, but rather an action word and we SHOW love !! It’s about me doing my part !! Not about what my husband does so to speak. This is about ME and my walk and my obedience to Christ.

Jesus let me know that my love and service to my husband was and still is an extension of my relationship with Him.  It was about the intent and posture of my heart, not just my actions.. It was and still is my first ministry. I had to do some serious heart checks.

So my story says even though I don’t have multiple degrees and I don’t have a top executive position in a Fortune 500 company. I am COO that’s Chief Operating Officer of The Patterson Household. My husband’s position of CEO doesn’t threaten my position at all. It takes nothing away from my womanhood to honor, love, and respect my husband because he does the same things for me in return. Its mutual. It’s a partnership.

 Are we perfect Heck NO, but Grace is there too ! Especially on the tough days ! 

 Not me behind him, but beside him, assisting him, helping him and him assisting me. We are a team !! Was it always easy? NO!!!!! I’m very headstrong lol !! We are always in a state of learning something new, I believe and I have learned and am still  learning not be selfish and serve !! It’s the little things !  Why? Because God honors me when I do !! Not just with my husband, but in my daily encounters with others. I know that’s not “popular” in today’s society, but I’m not called to be popular, I’m called out to make a difference ! If you can’t be humble enough to serve or follow someone’s else’s lead, then you’ll never be strong enough to lead someone. The strongest leader has to have a servants heart !.

The difference in Nicole then and Nicole now is that I know precisely WHO I am ! I like me, I have better thoughts about myself. I LOVE home and making our house a home !

So allow me to re-introduce myself.


My name is Nicole and I am a daughter of the most High God !! Passionate about homemaking. Loving & supportive wife & rocking momma. Admonishing women to love and make their homes by using their creative gifts and talents. I style parties and I make and create pretty stuff !! That’s my story and that’s who I am!

 I am included in this great lineage of women and so are you !  

What an honor to be a continuation of such great women as Esther, Hannah, Mary & Ruth & #AndMe !! I’m too stoked about this campaign !!


I have traveled the U.S. speaking and telling wives, moms, daughters and sisters HOW MUCH God loves them and How precious we are in His sight. Even though we may not always feel like it. It doesn’t change His love for us and His thoughts toward us are good !


We are daughters of The King and WE matter !!! You matter !! Whether you are a stay at home mom or a top executive at your company…YOU are included in this campaign, you’re included in The Kingdom !! That’s what knits us together !

I would love to hear your story ! I would love for you to take part in this campaign! No one is excluded !

I’d love for you to join in this movement with us!


I’ve got a special treat for you!


Kellee has been sweet enough to offer a discount code for those of you ordering one of these tees ! Just click here and enter the code SHEDOES20 during your order purchase and receive 20% off your order !

Join in with us and show us your tee by using the hashtag on Instagram  #AndMeCampaign .

We would love to see you on social media and hear from you as well !

Until next time,

As Kellee says… Fight For Joy






December 30, 2015



  1. Ida Pahus says:

    I love the shirt and what you wrote a lot. It is so awesome how God can use people like you and me in His story.



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