Jordan’s Sweet Shop Birthday Party

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party 

Hey Friends and Happy Tuesday ! 

So I finally edited all of Jordan’s photos and now I can show them to you! If you are familiar with any of Jordan’s party, you know she loves to help plan and come up with her themes. Check out her birthday party from last year here

The colors Jordan chose were pink, rose gold and gold. I kinda added the orange in myself. I think it worked. Please forgive me. I didn’t get the best photos of her table setting or candy table ! Next time, I will hire a pro !!

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

As with any party that I plan, I always come up with a theme, This year, Jordan wanted to have a sweet shop theme. She loves any kind of dessert and she likes bright colors, like her mama ! So I decided to allow her to plan her party and I just chipped in where she asked for my help. 

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

As with any of my parties or events, I knew that I wanted her to have an awesome backdrop. so that is where the balloon arch came in. My motto is and has always been “do it big or not at all”! I am definitely an all or nothing type of girl. So the dramatic balloon arch it was LOL !! 

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

Jasmine and I blew up each one of these balloons by hand using handheld balloon pumps. How many balloons did the arch take, I’m so glad you asked !! I quit counting after 200 !! And get this, we hand tied every. single . one !!! These girls could give any assistant a run for their money !! 

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

I call Jordan my unicorn baby because that is precisely what she is. She has a Colorful and vivid imagination. She loves rainbows and sweets and is quirky and just different and is very creative! She is a perfect mixture of her dad and I! She has her moments as with any tween girl, but she’s a good girl !! 

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

Jordan only wanted to have some of her closest friends over and she didn’t want to go really big, so I respected her wishes and toned it down lol !!

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

For her dessert table, she wanted everything to be simple.

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

I used my barcart that I had on hand and I made vanilla cupcakes and cake.

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe PartyJordan's Sweet Shoppe Party 

The macarons, I didn’t really have time to make, so I purchased them at a local bakeshop in town. She was pleased with them and they were good ! 

I really wanted to focus on the sweet part of her party and that is what I did. For activities, one of my friends gave me an idea to have the girls decorate their own picture frames.

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

So I took all their pictures and was able to print them out and put them in their frames before they left. All in all the party was a hit ! The girls and especially Jordan loved everything! I absolutely love what I do, but it’s extra special when I get to do it for one of my own !

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

Now you know I COULD NOT let that backdrop sit there, momma had to get her a photo or two from it !!

Jordan's Sweet Shoppe Party

I think I may have covered everything. I hope you enjoyed these little snapshots into Jordan’s party. This is the time of year where my party stuff picks up and I am so excited to share more with you! Tell me what you think ! I would love to hear from you ! 

Until next time

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April 4, 2017



  1. Lauren says:

    This is too cute! I have been waiting to see the pics! I love every aspect of it. Im sure that the girls enjoyed themselves and Jordan looks like she had a blast as well!


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