. Fall Picnic Essentials

Happy Monday Friends !

So Fall is here and its in full effect in North Carolina ! The leaves have changed and so have the temperatures. The air is crisp and everything just seems fresh and new ! At least that’s how I’m seeing it ha !!

Speaking of Fall and the weather. I love to entertain and eat outdoors especially in the Fall. Now mind you, for someone who has serious allergies and hates being cold… I love to be outside… sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it ?

Anyway, the hubs and I have created a fall bucket list that you can check out here. One of the things that we planned is a Fall picnic. We all know that some kind of food is essential to a great picnic, but there are also some other essentials that you’ll need to set the atmosphere the right way ! Since I am the chief planner for this date I made up a basket of the essential things that you and I will need. Now you can have this picnic inside or outside. If it’s just a tad too chilly for you, by all means have the picnic inside. Just make sure that you do something on date night ! Either way, you’ll need to pack a few things to be ready for a cozy and romantic date ! Here’s a list of the things in our basket:

Picnic Basket Essentials

Fall Picnic Essentials

  1. Soft Blankets – nothing says cuddle like warm, soft blankets ! I picked up a couple of throws from Wal-Mart ! Yes Wal-Mart ! They carry a line by Better Homes & Gardens that is not only affordable, but very good quality ! One I plan on using as a place for us to sit and eat and the other I plan on snuggling with !
  2. Mugs – I’m all about that mug life ! Now these don’t have to be fancy. Who am I kidding ? It’s date night !! You have to fancy things up just a tad, but not too expensive ! You don’t have to buy anything, especially if you have some super cute mugs already. I purchased some cute mugs from Target for $3.99 not too bad !
  3. Candles –  I love candles everywhere and all the time !! I do believe that candles play an intricate part in date nights. You have to set the stage and get the ambiance just right plus they smell good ! Again, I bought candles from Wal-Mart . These candles come in tons of scents from floral to fruity ! I chose fall scents of course ! These candles also can be bought at a reasonable price just $3.97 and just because I didn’t spend a fortune on these candles doesn’t mean they don’t smell up a room ! They seriously pack a whollup !  There’s a lot of bang for your buck friends right here ! I love them ! OH and don’t forget the lighter !
  4. Apple Cider – If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a picture of our apple cider bottles that I wrapped in cloth napkins to put in our basket. The hubs and I don’t drink so, we’re perfectly ok with apple cider and wrapping the cider in napkins serve as double duty ! You could use a thermos if you’d like to house something hot to drink. The sky is truly the limit on this one.

Fall Picnic Essentials

Fall Picnic Essentials

So there you have it have ! Just a few items ( aside from food ) that we will take on our Fall picnic !

The main goal here is to be creative on your date night ! Be sure to make good plans, but also go with the flow !

 I have one more essential that is a must ! It  involves a slight bit of crafting and a little surprise with it ! So be ready to check that out tomorrow !

Until next time Friends…What are some of your favorite things you pack for a picnic or your favorite Fall date ?