Hey Friends and Happy 2020!

I trust that 2020 has been treating you very well so far. I haven’t really been all that present on the blog since October. The latter part of 2019 was overall pretty difficult for our entire family.

I really wanted to do my best to make the holidays super special since this would be the first Christmas without my brother in law here with us.

I tried SO hard and maybe a little too hard to be Ms. Christmas and it didn’t work. In all honesty, I was grieving too. I can normally take the time to deal with my emotions all while still being able to properly function, but this time I just could not. I was burnt out and instead of me continuing to kick against a brick wall, I had to surrender to how I was really feeling and admit that I was having a very hard time.

Although I wanted to be super motivated and I tried my best to get with the New Year, I knew that I still wasn’t quite okay. I knew I needed more of a break and to quiet all the noise around me.

A couple of days after Christmas, friends grandma passed away. The funeral that was held at the beginning of the year was yet another reminder that we had just buried my brother in law from a tragic accident just 6 months prior. It was all too much for us.

That’s where my social media break came in. It wasn’t planned, but I could sense that I needed some time away. Being that I’m someone who periodically struggles with depression and anxiety, I knew I needed to listen to what I knew The Lord was leading me to do.

So I took a break and boy the difference it has made has been wonderful. Social media is a wonderful tool and y’all already know how much I love my Instagram family. Things just became too much and I began to develop a really negative and critical mindset about certain things and I knew that wasn’t me. I knew I needed a minute.

You might be asking, well how do you know when its time to take a break from social media? I can give you some ways about how I knew.

  • Everything I saw was getting on my nerves
  • I started to compare myself and what I was doing to other people.
  • I couldn’t think clearly
  • I would feel a little anxious and depressed once I would get off social media.

Listen I knew something was going on when I had an answer or wanted to respond to all of the negative and shady post that I saw. I typically scroll right past, but I knew something else was going on with ME.

One of the quotes that I heard SO MUCH on social media and it used to make me so upset was “Unfollow anyone that makes you feel less than on social media”

Lisssseeennnn!!!! NO ONE can make you “feel” anything! If you feel a type of way following someone on social media, THAT is totally something that you need to work out within yourself. No one is responsible for how you feel, but you.

Can certain things on social media trigger you? Yes, but how you feel about something is TOTALLY on you.

I just had to clear the airway with that one!

I think a lot of times, we don’t take the proper responsibility for ourselves, but it’s up to us to access why we feel the way we do when it comes to following others on social media. I’m sure that people we are following are not posting things to make others feel bad. We have to do that inner work to access why we are feeling that way in the first place.

So I said all that to say I needed some time away just to be. I’m back now and will be taking a little different approach to social media. I will post content on Instagram as well as YouTube content, but I will be taking special care and setting more healthy boundaries on how much social media I consume.

I’m getting back to doing the things I love. I will be back to blogging weekly.

If this is you and you are feeling lead to take a break, then just do it! You will come back with a different mindset, if you decide to come back at all LOL!

I hope this has helped someone today. I have always been a person who believes in walking in your truth and sometimes that means sharing the struggles that may be able to help someone else.

Let me know if this is something you have struggled with before. You know I love hearing from you.

Love you guys! Talk with you soon!

January 26, 2020



  1. LaKisha Smith says:

    This is some good stuff. I actually have been considering a step back from social media to regroup and reset and to get my priorities together.
    Thankyou soooooo much for sharing your truth. It really helps when others are transparent.


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