Traditional Fall Decor With A Twist

Marble Painted Pumpkins

Happy Fall Y’all!!!

Marble Painted Pumpkins

Happy Hump Day Friends !!

I’m not sure about where you live, but in NC, it is really started to feel like FALL Y’ALL !!! Are you as excited as I am ??!! I’m just hoping that it stays like this!

I know I have been a little MIA, but I (just like all the rest of us I’m sure) have been SO BUSY!! Life just has me busy now, but I am grateful ! 

As you all know, I told you in my bye to summer party that I was not pulling the Fall decor out until the week of the 22nd. Well that is exactly what I did. Not really even on purpose, but just because I got tied up a bit. I wanted to do something a little different in my Fall decor this year. I didn’t want to do the same traditional colors I see floating around. So you know me, I decided to paint some pumpkins and add a few other different colors into the Fall mix. 

Marble Painted Pumpkins

This year I knew I wanted to paint pumpkins again, but not the same as before. After deciding to get rid of all the farmhouse decor, I am really on this whole blue kick. I love modern farmhouse, but I just felt as though it was more about a trend for me versus me embracing my true style and I NEVER EVER want to succumb to trends. I never have and I’m not about to start now! I just needed to share that with you!

Anyways, this was such an easy and fun process. I thought that I would share how this worked, so that you could make your own. I’m telling you this was SO easy that you are going to run out right away and grab you some supplies, if you dont already have some!

Here is a list of supplies you’ll need. Be sure to shop your house first.

  • White paint (any kind that you have will do. I used some interior paint I had for the house)
  • Mini pumpkins (either white or orange)
  • Blue craft paint or any other colors you’d like to use (I used Martha Stewart brand)
  • Scrap paper or old newspaper for drying the pumpkins
  • Gold paint (I used oil base metallic from the craft store)
  • Small paintbrush for painting the bottom of the pumpkin.

Marble Painted Pumpkins

The next steps are super easy:

  • The first thing I did was to wash my pumpkins really good in dish detergent and bleach. I know so toxic, but you aren’t eating them and this will keep your pumpkins from rotting. Dry them well and set them aside.
  • Next thing, I added a little of my blue paint to my while and created a marble effect. Feel free to add as little or as much of your color paint as you want.
  • Holding the stem of your pumpkin, totally submerge the pumpkin into the paint.This will create such a beautiful marble effect. Let the extra paint drip off into the paint bucket, Then sit on some scrap paper or news paper.
  • Allow them to dry, then use your paint brush to paint the bottom of the pumpkin. Allow the bottom to dry by laying the pumpkin on the side. 
  • One the bottom is completely dry, I used a paint brush to simply paint the stem gold and voilĂ ! You’re finished !!!

Marble Painted Pumpkins

Display them in something cute and show off all you “hard work” LOL!!! How easy was that ?!? 

With a little creativity, you can DIY some gorgeous Fall decor !

Tell me what you think? I wold love to hear from you!

Also do you decorate for Fall, if so, what are some of your fave colors to use?

Until next time

Happy Fall Y’all !!


Marble Painted Pumpkins

October 4, 2017



  1. Nice look for your pumpkins


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