She Does A Bunch Monthly Organization Challenge

Good morning Friends and happy Tuesday!

If you follow me on Instagram, you heard me talking about a monthly organization challenge that I was going to start implementing. I polled and asked if you all would be interested in joining in and you (with the exception of y’all’s friend!!) responded with a resounding yes!! That makes me so excited!!

So here’s how the challenge will go…


We will be focusing on ONE ROOM every month. That’s right, just one. This will give us time to solely focus on putting our attention to decluttering, throwing away, planning and creating FUNCTIONAL systems that benefit you and your family. There is no wrong or right way to do this challenge and you can go at your own pace. That’s why I gave us one month. The goal is to have your space decluttered, clean, organized and fully functional by the end of each month

For the month of January, I have planned to work on the kitchen. Since the kitchen has so many elements, I’m taking one area every week. Last weekend in my stories, you saw me clean out and organize the refrigerator. I’ll be doing another post this week on how to get your refrigerator right!


This week we’re going to focus on the pantry. Alot of you reached out and asked for tips on organizing the pantry. I have a blog post here that gives you tips on how to organize your pantry.


Here is our plan for organizing.

Take everything out of the pantry. I mean everything!!

Throw away old and expired food that may not match up with your current lifestyle.

Clean the pantry. Sweep and mop, if you already have some containers and baskets, give those a good cleaning as well. Wipe down pantry shelves.

Make a plan of how you think your pantry will work best to fit the needs of everyone in the house. For example, if you have kids that have snacks or pack their lunches, make sure you have a section in there specifically for all of their lunch items, that way they’re not grabbing things all over the pantry and will know exactly where to go to get their items.

Use baskets and labels to coral like items.

Maximize your space. If you have items such as chips, crackers etc that come in a box, put them in a airtight container that you can see. That way, not only is it functional and saves space, but it’s also pretty!

Began to put everything back in and place how you’d like it to go. Try to keep like items together such as snacks, pasta’s, dried good etc

Feel free to change things around to function the way you need.

There’s a few pointers to get you started. I will be showing you my progress on my stories in Instagram and posting my final progress here during the upcoming weeks. I want to see yours as well. Tag me and just the hashtag #OrganizingWithSdab. If you want to get a head start, here are all the areas we’ll cover for the kitchen.

• Refrigerator and freezer

• Drawers

• Cabinets

Not necessarily in that order either. This is going to be SO much fun!!!!

It’s a beautiful thing when you’re getting your life together, but when your do it with friends, it’s even better!!!

Feel free to email or DM me any questions you may have!

Happy Organizing Friends!

January 8, 2019




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