Quarantine Graduation Photoshoot!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So we are on week who knows of stay at home in this house and I can find a different project to do every single day!!

Honestly, between my office makeover (coming soon!) and Jasmine’s graduation things, I have been keeping pretty busy.

COV19 has really thrown a curve ball in everyone’s plans. That is definitely the case for the class of 2020.

We recently had Jas a graduation parade and it was so sweet! All of our family and friends came out to show her love.

I asked Jasmine’s senior photographer Ariel if she would come and do a graduate photoshoot for Jas on the day she was actually was supposed to graduate and of course she agreed!!

I wanted Jas to wear her graduation day outfit, but I also wanted her to wear her gear from the college she chose to attend. The college photo you’ll see another day!

Here are a few things I did to get ready for the shoot:

  • Decorated the front yard with balloons that spelled “Class of 2020”.
  • Made a balloon garland in Jasmine’s school colors.
  • Hired a photographer and a makeup artist.

Once we did all of that and Jas got her makeup done, she got dressed and was ready! She actually stays ready for a photoshoot honey!

The photoshoot went amazing as I knew it would! Take a look!

June 23, 2020




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