Our New Closet Makeover with the Container Store!

Hey hey y’all!

I wanted to come and show you my latest project with The Container Store! I will be posting all of my projects that I have with them on the blog, so be sure to join the family if you already haven’t.

I wanted to make this post to run you through the process just in case you decide that you want to design your own custom space as well.

The Process

The first thing I did was schedule a consultation with an Elfa Consultant at my local store. Once I arrived, I was greeted by Penny at the location in Charlotte, NC. We sat down and she asked for any measurements and pictures I had of the space.

She then asked what were our needs. So once we let her know all of that, we walked around to pick out a style we liked. We were at a crossroads between the Elfa Classic and the Elfa Décor system. Penny told us she would do a design with both systems to see which one we liked best.

The Design

Penny had us go to lunch and then return so we would be able to sit down with her to go over our plans. I would suggest you carve out a couple of hours when planning to design your space. That way, you’re not rushed and you’re able to see what design will work best for your space. Everything can be customized. So be sure to give yourself that time so you can get all your moneys worth!

Like I said earlier, Penny designed our space using both The Classic and Décor system. Ultimately, we decided to go with The Classic system. This system gave us the most bang for our buck and used every inch of space we had! I am so happy with our decision!

Ordering Process

Once we finalized our design, then there was the ordering process. Since we were installing this project ourselves, well since my husband was installing it, Penny gave us quick lesson on how everything was installed and printed installation directions for us.

Another closet consultant came over just to sign off on the final project and to make sure every piece we needed would be included in our shipment. Once that was done, we were on our way to having our custom closet!

Shipping & Installation

First , shoutout to the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!!! The flooring was his idea and he was excited about this project too. I just let him do his thing!

I would suggest that if you have a certain timeline you’d like to be complete by, that you at least allow a few weeks to a month to make sure all your pieces come in and that you have time to check to see if there are any errors in the ordering. Depending on your store, there could be a lead time, so just keep that in mind when planning.

The installation process was simple. I love how they also send you every single piece of hardware that you need. You don’t have to purchase anything additional. It took my husband a couple of days, just because we were waiting on a couple of pieces. However, this entire process could have definitely been completed in a day.

Styling & Organization – The fun part!

So if you follow me on Instagram, then you pretty much have seen the completed closet!

You’ll also know that I hired Jas to style and design the closet. She absolutely LOVES all things fashion, personal styling and closet organization! This was the perfect job for her and she completely knocked it out of the park! (like I knew she would).

So there you have it!

Like I said, I know that I have shown you the closet, but I wanted to walk you through the process from start to finish! Overall, my experience was a good one. I am already planning out the next space I can have custom system in!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and also what space in your house would you use this system in!

Until next time!

August 22, 2022




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