My Morning Routine

Good morning Friends!!

Happy Wellness Wednesday y’all!

You know I’m all about sharing things on this day that make your entire life well and not just fitness.

Today I wanted to come in and share my morning routine. Some of you asked me did I have a morning routine and if I did, would I show it. So here I am!!

Let’s get started.

First things first… After I wash my face and brush my teeth this is what I do.

Prayer, Devotional and Scripture Meditation

I tend to get up a little earlier before everyone else while the house is still quiet and have my quiet time with Jesus. This is essential to my day. When I skip this, I can definitely tell Chile!! Some days I’m not able to get up before everyone else, so I make sure that I do something in the car. Whether it’s reading the Bible on my phone when I get to my destination or praying extra while I’m taking kids to school, (I’m doing that anyway) I make sure to get it in. I make sure to connect with God FIRST thing in the morning, even if I just wake up, stretch and say thank you. Then sometimes when I come back home, I’m able to dig into God’s Word like I’d like. Don’t complicate it.

Check My Planner and To Do’s

I’m a planner girl. Y’all know that though. The night before, I write out a to do list just so that I’m not going to bed with the next days stuff on my brain. In the morning, I look over my planner and list to see what I’ve got that day. I generally aim for three top important task I need to get done that day. Sometimes it’s more, but I at least make sure my top three get done. I keep my meal plans and cleaning schedules in my planner, so I’m also able to see what’s for dinner and what needs to be cleaned the next day.


Y’all know this is big for me. Once I do all the above things, I leave the house, get the girls to school and head to the gym. Listen… this is another essential for me. I’ve told you already about the benefits. I like to go ahead and get my workout in, in the morning. I know everyone isn’t able to do that, just make sure that you’re moving your body and working up a sweat some kinda way during the day mkay!

Greens and Protein Smoothie

I don’t eat before I workout just because it makes me want to puke! So I’ll wait until I get back home then I eat. Most days, this is what my breakfast looks like. I make sure to add a little fruit, some type of green, vegan protein and flaxseeds. I’ll share some of my favorite recipes a little later.

Supplements and Essential Oils

Listen, I try my best not to skip this step. Y’all know the way my hormones are setup!! Every single day I take magnesium, B12 and calcium. They help your girl all month long. Be sure to chat with your doctor before adding any new supplements to your regimen. I have been reading this book and let me tell you it has been helping me! There are some essential oil recipes that I use here to diffuse in the house before I start cleaning and working. I’ll share those in a later post. If you struggle with any type of hormonal or female issue, you need this book. We’ll discuss the book later.

My mornings vary depending on what I have going on but these few things you just read are my constants. These get done everyday. After I complete these things, I either get started with work or cleaning. Most of the time it’s work though. So there you have it.

Do you have a morning routine? I’d love for you to leave me a comment and we chat about it.


March 13, 2019



  1. Kathy L Lewis says:

    Good morning Nicole, I’m a newbie to your blog and i am enjoying it. Thank you for sharing. I was on the Mambi site since I purchase so much from them and was looking for a familiar face 😉 for inspiration which led me to you. I just hit yet another Michaels/Target haul. I purchased some planner items so that i can try to make some sense out of my chaos called life. Yet, PRAISE GOD!! I am extremely grateful to be here. You’ve given me some starter point so off to the races I go. Thanks again.


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