My Decision To Become Gluten-Free

Happy Monday Friends!!

Here I am today with flowers and my grocery shopping list in hand about to explain my gluten-free journey.

I think I’ve shared a little on Instagram how I’d been experimenting with gluten free dishes. Well, I’ve been gluten free for a few weeks now and I wanted to share my reasons for deciding to go gluten free.

First of all, you all KNOW I love to cook and eat! When I found out I was gluten intolerant, I really couldn’t believe it! I had to try and test the waters again to just make sure and yes I definitely was. My symptoms just began with me having eczema flair ups, skin break outs, mood swings, fatigue and this annoying pain in my back. I ignored it at first, thinking I may have eaten something that made me gassy. That wasn’t it though. I started taking probiotics regularly in order to feel better. That helped at certain times, but not all the way. Fast forward, I decided to do an elimination diet. I removed breads, cereal and anything with white flour in it for about a week. I had NO pain AND I felt AMAZING !! Better than I had felt in a long time. That’s when I knew what it was. I’m not sure why after 30 something years, I am now gluten intolerant, but I am.

Earlier I talked about some of the symptoms I’ve experienced, but there were more. Here are more of the symptoms associated with gluten intolerance. Quite a few of these I experienced.

• stomach pain (more specific than belly pain)



• confusion

• numbness

• joint or muscle pain

• bloating

• belly pain


• nausea

• feeling unwell, including tiredness

Now keep in mind, that I’m NOT a physician of any kind. I am just sharing my journey with you.

So now that I’m living the gluten-free lifestyle I feel really good. Do I still crave cakes, pies and yeast rolls?!? You better believe I do! Some days I just get downright sad about it, but then I remember to whom much is given, just as much is required. Then I adjust my attitude and move on with my gluten -free living. Some days I fall short and eat a cupcake, but I pay for it dearly!!

See what happens is when you continue to eat gluten and you have an intolerance for it, you do something to your system called “glutton” that’s where you’ll probably experience the systems above. Initially what you’re doing is breaking down your immune system making you more seceptible to other sickness. We don’t want that, so we’re just going to do what we must!!

Also, if you think this may be something you’re dealing with, I encourage you to see your physician, so you can be on the road to better health.

On Mondays I’ll be sharing my gluten-free meal plans for the week. In hopes that it’ll keep me encouraged and hopefully encourage you as well!! That’s just what friends do. We keep each other encouraged.

So here’s this week’s meal plan:

Breakfast & Lunch – Monday – Saturday

Breakfast – Green protein smoothie or Oatmeal or boiled eggs with chicken sausage.

Lunch – Greek chicken salad with tzaziki sauce

Monday Dinner – Roasted Chicken, Roasted Potatoes and Garlic Spinach

Tuesday Dinner – Leftovers from Monday

Wednesday Dinner – Chicken Vegetable Stir Fry w/ onions and peppers

Thursday Dinner – Leftovers from Wednesday

Friday Dinner – Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos on gluten free tortilla chips (for me) and regular tortillas for the family. Along with Guacamole and Pico de Gallo

Saturday Dinner – leftovers or make ground turkey nachos.

On Sundays we may tend to eat out, but I’m keeping that day gluten free too.

So there you have my story and my gluten free meal plan for the week. I know you’ll join me on InstagramInstagram where I’m prepping food in my stories!

Until next time,

Are you making lifestyle changes concerning your diet or are you trying the gluten-free lifestyle? If so, is love to hear from you!


October 30, 2017



  1. Arie says:

    Ok, I am officially a fan of “SHEDOESABUNCH”! I am so excited about you posting your recipes,a nd meal plans with everyone. You know that I enjoy you showing us through your stories on INSTA! You definitely are on of my BIG favorites Nicole! Here’s to a life of feeling better.

    • Nicole says:

      Awwww Arie!!! You’re too sweet girl!!! I am excited about taking y’all on this journey with me!!! Thank you for all the love!!! It is MUCH appreciated!!!

  2. Patrice says:

    That’s my story and symptoms as well. I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity after a colonoscopy. I’m learning to live with it and trying new recipes. I have even found a wheat bread that I can tolerate. I look forward to seeing your recipes.

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you so much Patrice !! I’m learning to do the exact same thing. I didn’t know that about you. It’s good to talk with someone that knows the struggle. Especially as a bread lover lol!!

  3. Eryn says:

    That’s great that you listened to your body, Nicole! The past 3-4 months or so, I’ve really began eating waaaay less meat and dairy and my body has responded so well to it. I’ve had fun experimenting with new recipes too. I look forward to your meals!

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you so much Eryn !!! Ian feeling so much better!! I miss seeing your stories in Instagram of what you’re cooking !!


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