Life Lately and Blogging Update…

Hey y’all!

I know, I know it’s been awhile.

All I can say is life has been LIFE -ING lately!! I’m sure that many of you can attest to the same thing!

I have recognized a pattern with myself. When life gets hard for me, I’ve noticed that I tend to retreat. Especially if my mental health starts to get affected. I will be the first to admit that if I’m dealing with anything and life gets hectic for me, my blog is the first thing to get neglected. I don’t even really know why I do that because I started this blog as a passion I had and a way of escape for me.

So here I am. Back again… Like I never left.

I feel like I have been on a different type of journey for myself since the beginning of 2022.

If you follow me on Instagram, then I’ve shared with you that my last baby Jordan will be graduating from high school this year, which is a year earlier than she should. I have really been thinking about and God has really been dealing about the next stage of my life. I still cannot believe that my husband and I have actually raised 3 adults! My son is 24, Jas will be 20 in July and Jordan is 17. For the most part, friend and I have done our job with child rearing. For the record, we don’t stop being a parent because our kids get old… Trust me. The roles just switch from.

When your children are younger, the task of parenting seems to be more physical. However, when they become older, you back off from being as hands on and the task becomes more mental. I can tell you from experience that the middle and high school years are fun, but they can be mentally draining. There are lots and lots of praying, late night talks, girl and boy drama and the occasional breakdown or two. We’ll discuss more about parenting old kids and teens at another date.

Since the kids are older, this part of my life has been about finding Nicole. You know that stuff that is small, but a really big deal. Such as what I like, what gets me excited, what am I passionate about, you know that kind of stuff. A lot of things for me have changed. I am no longer driving kids back and forth to school, practices or games. I have time now lol!!

I had been missing the blog and knew I wanted to get back on here, but I wasn’t sure how to show up in this space. A lot of bloggers are moms of young kids and that’s not my testimony anymore lol! I had to remember though when I first started blogging, I put major emphasis on us as women taking time out for ourselves DESPITE the many hats we wear.

So with that said, I’m showing back up to share LIFE. Maybe a little advice, marriage,a little venting, what I wore or am wearing and wear I get it from, my fave products for body and skin and whatever else I may feel like sharing. Oh I will definitely be sharing home decor and organization projects. I will also be using my blog in addition to my weekly vlogs on YouTube . You can subscribe to my channel if you already haven’t.

I believe that over the years I have just overthought blogging entirely too much. Trying to fit into a niche like other bloggers or comparing myself didn’t leave me anything, but frustrated and confused. I believe its best to show up in any space as your HIGHEST and most AUTHENTIC self. That’s what you will continue to get from me. One thing about me, I’m going to be honest and keep it real about a thing!

For those of you that have been here, thank you so much for sticking with me and all my changes over the years. For those of you that are new here, HEYYYY!!! Thank you so much for coming to our little corner of the internet!

Our next topic we will speak about on Monday will be on small ways you can romanticize your everyday life. Until then, thank you again a d we will be back on Monday!

May 26, 2022



  1. Iesha says:

    Looking forward to your new season of life WITH adult children. When my son graduated I didn’t know what to do with myself. My entire life for 18yrs revolves around him. It was truly life changing.

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you so much sis! WITH adult children is correct! We never stop being their parents because they get older. This has definitely been both eye opening and life changing! I’m looking forward to embracing it!


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