HomeMaker Monday on a Tuesday: My 2017 Planner Lineup 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

Happy day after, the day after Christmas friends !! I’m trusting that each one of you had a wonderful Christmas !! I haven’t done a HomeMaker Monday since the holidays began. And I definitely have never done HomeMaker Monday on a Tuesday lol !! So I’m back today with a post that I think will interest you. 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

If you follow me on my main Instagram page, then you’ll know that I also have a planner Instagram. Over there, I share my love for planners and all things dealing with functionally planning out your life. My motto is “Pretty + Functional = Productivity “. That truly is a belief of mine and one that I live by. For me, any and everything that I do has to be pretty, but also functional. When these two things come together, productivity is bound to happen !! 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

Ok back to the planners, this year as a MAMBI Design Team member, I’m using The Happy Planner ™. Things I love about this planner: 

• It’s pretty and there is a design to suit every style 

• It’s functional with tons of writing space 

• It comes with tons of accessories and more items to decorate with ( washi tape, sticker packs, etc ) 

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. 

I often get asked “Why do you have so many planners”? Here’s the thing, I have a touch of OCD. I can’t have everything that I need to get done in the different areas of my life all in one space. It starts looking jumbled and messy to me and I must have things organized. So I keep work, personal,fitness etc separate. Does that make more sense now? So all the planners I’m using this year are from The Happy Planner ™ and I’m going to tell you each ones use. 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

First Up… My personal/ Everyday Planner

I decided that I wanted to use a BIG The Happy Planner. It gives me a ton of more room to write and I love to break my planner sections down into groups. So the first box will be used for any appointments that I may have. the 2nd box will be for to-don list or any notes or reminders that I need to make. The 3rd box will house my cleaning routine that I do weekly. Each day I have something different that I focus on in terms of cleaning, so I wanted to keep that separated.

I am so excited about using Make Things Happen for my everyday planner. It really doesn’t need much decorating as the planner is already so gorgeous !! It gets ALL the heart eyes from me lol!!

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

This IS Your Year – Blog Planner for She Does a Bunch

This Is Your Year ( Affectionately called Jacqueline Coco by my Teamie Gretchen ) will contain everything dealing with She Does a Bunch blog and social media. I will keep my posting schedule for the blog and anything else that is associated with the blog here in this planner only. 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up
I think the simplicity of the planner will keep me focused because I won’t be decorating her. I will however, break down my different task with different color pens, I talked about how I color code my family in this post here . I will be color coding my everyday task as well breaking down the different sections. 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

Mini & Classic Fitness 

I do believe I am most excited about these 2. These 2 planners will be used simultaneously! The classic fitness I will use to track my workouts. I have been working with a trainer, so this planner, being that it’s undated has helped me write all my workouts down that I’ve done. The mini I use to track what I eat. Let me just say this, it’s harder to eat junk when you actually make a commitment to take inventory of your meals. 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up
My goal is to eat clean and juice 2x a day. I’ve done this just fine so it’s not an issue. My biggest problem is sweets !! Cakes and pies are my weakness !! However, writing everything down will help me to resist The temptation to emotionally eat. 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

Super Fun – SheDoesABunchDesigns 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

Many of you know that I’m a party stylist. I’ve taken a break from business to focus on home, but I will be starting the business back in 2017. So I’ll be using this girl for that. I feel as though this planner like a lot of The Happy Planners™ are pretty by themselves. I probably will not do much to this girl except maybe meeting stickers and colored pens ! 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up 

Get it Girl Undated – Memory planning 

On and off I’ve been doing memory planning and I like the simplicity of it. So in 2017 I’ll continue that. Here’s a small sample of a page I did last week using some of the new The Happy Planner™ sticker packs. 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up
It’s not quite finished, but you get the point lol ! 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

Mini Peony – Hand Lettering & Mini Happy Blooms – Self Care 

I have practiced my lettering on sheets of lined paper, but since this mini has a horizontal layout, I’m going to practice in that. I also have a hand letting book, so I’ll be using that as well ! Self care, you’ve already seen that in action ! It’ll continue, because I have to make self-care a priority and so do you !! 

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

Faith Planner – Bible study 

I think you all know I’m a Jesus girl !! So it would only be right for me to have a planner just for my time with Him ! Seriously, I’ve written down my bible study notes and I take this planner to church with me to write notes from the sermons. It’s been working really good. 

So there you have it Friends and PlannerBabes !! My 2017 Planner Line Up. I will be sharing most of my Planners with you so you can see my planning process and that I’m really using them lol !! Here’s to a highly organized and super successful 2017 !! 

Until next time

Happy Planning !!


December 27, 2016



  1. Rowena says:

    Wow, I’m new to the planner life and you have a lot of inspiring posts here on your blog. Keep up the good work and good luck in 2017! You have a lovely planner lineup!

    • Nicole says:

      Welcome to planner life and to my blog ! Thank you so much for your sweet words ! I hope that you’ll stick around in the new year as well !!

  2. Thanh - Make It Sweet and Neat says:

    Oh my goodness! I love this lineup SO much, Nicole. Thanks for breaking down your planner lineup, I always love hearing how each planner babe organizes her planners.

    I put my husband and I on a no-dessert December challenge and so far, we’ve been doing great, but it’s been hard some days! I totally hear you on the cakes and sweets lol.

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you so much Thanh ! I’m so glad to hear that I am not the only one that struggles with sweets ! I’m so glad you and your husband are pushing through !! Thank you for your sweet words !

  3. Darnetha says:

    Great 2017 planner lineup! I definitely need a super cute but functional planner for my blog.

    • Nicole says:

      Darnetha you should definitely get one ! It will help you stay organized and it doesn’t have to be The Happy Planner™ even though I am partial to it lol !!

  4. Whitney says:

    Okay, these are all beautiful, but I have no idea how you can keep up with 3+, LOL. I can barely keep up with my one!

  5. Carli says:

    Wow- that’s a lot of planners, but you’re making me want to be about this planning life, lol

    • Nicole says:

      I’m all about this planning life !! I’m trying to make the best of them !! You definitely need a planner Carli !!


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