Fall Dining Room Decor!

Hey friends!!

I know it’s been a little bit since I blogged, but I’m back!

I’ve been so busy since my last post. As a family, we suffered a tragic loss a few days after my last post. I also have been training for my 1st bikini competition and it took over all my time and energy. I’ll write up a blog post about my entire experience later.

If you apart of my insta-fam, then you’ll know I recently started back with YouTube and I couldn’t be more excited!! 

I have been wanting to get back on YouTube and work my IGTV more, but that perfectionism thing got in my way and had me all messed up! I decided that I’d just do it and figure out the rest as I go. So here we are! 

I posted a video of my fall dining room. You an check that out below. I wanted to give you a few tips to create your own dining room tablescape. So here goes! 

Make a plan 

Y’all already know I’m a planner girl at heart. When it comes to anything I approach, I always have to make a plan along with a detailed list. It’s just who I am. I start out by planning things such as: 

  • Theme: Do I want modern, traditional, farmhouse, boho chic?!? How can I make it unique to me and my style? 

  • Colors: What colors would I like to use? Traditional fall, neutral or something totally out of the box. 

  • Budget: How much am I going to allot for this project?

Once you’ve answered those questions and you have your plan in place, you can move on to the next phase. 

Shop Your Home

I cannot stress this one enough. Unless you just want to buy all the things, then be my guest. For those of us who are on a budget and don’t like buying duplicates of stuff, this tip is key! I’ve had some of the same things for years, but have been able to re- purpose and reuse a lot of things and in turn save some money! I also have bought duplicates of things, because I failed to shop my home first. This is my approach to any project I work on.

Make Your Decor YOU! 

Listen… Whatever YOU like, do that. If you like farmhouse, modern, glam or whatever your style is, do that. If you like traditional fall colors or if you like all the neutral things, do that. There is no right or wrong way to make your home. Just be sure that you’re making it your style, what you like and what’s unique to you. Above all else… have fun doing it! 

I hope these tips were able to help you. Also if you’re late to the fall decorating party, don’t feel bad. So am I and I’m ok with that! 

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Let me hear from you! Do you decorate for fall and if so, are you Team Color or Team Neutral? 

Until next time, 

Happy Fall Y’all! 


September 28, 2019



  1. Petra Fairlie says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL Nicole!!

  2. Jozlyn Adams says:

    Oh wow!!! This beautiful Nicole. I can’t wait to see your Christmas Decor.


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