Date Night Ideas: Fall Picnic

date night with she does a bunch

Happy Friday Friends!!

I am so excited to share this date night idea post with you!!

date night with she does a bunch

As many of you know, my husband and I love our date nights! Date nights are not only a time to eat, but also a time to just connect with your spouse one on one. No interruptions, no kids… Just the two of you.

Today I’ve collaborated with four other amazing ladies for to bring you all different ideas for date nights at home.

date night with she does a bunch

I absolutely love Fall. It’s my favorite season! The crispness in the air and the beautiful colors that come with the season are just breathtaking!

I wanted to share a Fall picnic date night that you can easily recreate at home. Here are a few tips to help you plan out a successful and romantic date night or day with your boo!

date night with she does a bunch

Appeal to all the senses

I’m talking ALL the senses. Sight- make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing and make sure you look good too!! Sound have some nice music whether indoors or outside. Smell- make sure the food smells good and you as well! Touch – make sure you have different textures in your blankets and pillows for seating and make sure your body is soft as well!

date night with she does a bunchdate night with she does a bunch

Create an easy menu

For the picnic baskets you see here, I was able to purchase these items freshly made at a gourmet food store. I had the grilled chicken wraps made. The pasta salad was made there as well. My hubs and I don’t drink, so I got some small bottles of apple cider. We’re also huge fans of cheese boards. This one is just a small one for the two of us. We love herb goat cheese, so that’s the cheese we went with. Along with some grapes and walnuts. It works for us! Prepping a menu doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful at all!!

date night with she does a bunch

Enjoy yourselves

This is the main point I want to stress. I don’t care what doesn’t go right, the most important element about date night is that you enjoy your significant other. So if the evening goes as you planned… great! However, if not, just laugh and enjoy your mate. I promise the two of you will never forget it!

So there you have it! A super cute date night you can make at home. With a little creativity, the two of you will enjoy your evening all the way through!

What are some date nights you create for your boo?

Until next time

Happy Dating


October 27, 2017



  1. Arie says:

    Fall Picnic is an amazing idea. I love the whole set-up, and the food ideas too. Nicole you got me, when you said that we had to be soft too. It’s all in the mood, ain’t that right! Love ya girl..


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