Color My World!


Hey Friends!

I hope all of you are doing well!

As you can see, I’ve added a bit of color to the blog!

I’ve never been the type of girl who was afraid of color at all, but I have always held back because I didn’t want to run anyone off with too much brightness. I decided to just be who I really am. Live and in living color! I hope it’s not too much for you! I may change it again,  but for now I really like it!


Pinks and oranges are my most favorite colors in the world! Along with black, white and a trendy splash of gold!


You’ll be seeing a little more color over the next few weeks as we Color My World! So stay tuned!

I really hope you like what you see! Leave me some feedback on here or on any of my other social media pages and let me know what you think!

Until tomorrow, where we will begin Summer Entertaining

Be Bright, Be Colorful, Be You!


August 5, 2015




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