Christmas 2018

sdab christmas 2018

Happy Monday Friends!!

The wait is over!

School is out for me and I can finally focus on other things!

At least for a little while!

sdab christmas 2018

I’m finally posting my Christmas decor. I know that many of you have been asking me about it and let me just say, it has NEVER taken me this long!!! I’ve had this tree up since Thanksgiving day, but this mantle didn’t want to let me be great and life got in the way! More on that later!

I have really had to push myself to create stuff this year. It’s like I had no energy nor did I care to make anything. I knew I probably needed to, but just couldn’t make myself do it. Finishing this Christmas decor was a push for me. I even thought about not even putting up a tree this year.

Can you believe I, me, Nicole, Queen Christmas over here said that?!? It’s true though friends. Needless to say, I put up some stuff, not as much as I normally would, but I’m loving what I did.

For my theme and color palette this year, I knew I wanted some natural elements such as flowers and lots of greenery. I also wanted some glam with mixed metallics (gold & silver) iridescent white and pops of green. Of course black and white is ALWAYS apart of any scheme I do!!

Here is the decor that I have in the family room. This is where most of the fancy stuff is. The majority of the items that I used were from last year. Remember me telling you on Instagram, that I was going to get creative and use what I had. Well, that is exactly what I did friends. With the exception of some ribbon and a couple of flowers, everything else I already had.

sdab christmas 2018

With the mantle and the tree, I used sprigs of faux eucalyptus from Michaels. You guys know that I love for my faux floral to look like the real stuff and this was very close!

I also added in some pine branches and flowers from Michaels and I love the look that it’s giving me!

If you’ve been around here from past Christmases, you know how much I love putting three dimensional elements in my trees. We have this cute little florist shop that turns into a Christmas store around August. They have some of the most unique decorations. I love to get my ribbon and some signature ornaments from them.

sdab christmas 2018

A lot of you ask me how I do my trees because they have a lot of stuff. Y’all know I’m EXTRA!! So my trees along with anything that I do have to be the same!

sdab christmas 2018

One word of advice I would give is that ribbon is what gives the tree that extra wow factor. So make sure that you get you some really nice ribbon and some extra to coordinate with your gifts.

sdab christmas 2018

Also for the mantle, I used my glitter cone trees from last year and added some greenery and flowers to the mantle to make them more plush. I also used some black satin ribbon that I had on had to string some ornaments from the garland. I then added a bow and some streamers, which are always appropriate!!

sdab christmas 2018

That’s about the gist of it! The only other spaces I decorated was the dining room table, the entryway table and the girls have trees in their rooms.

sdab christmas 2018

Momma didn’t pull out all the trees this year! I’m perfectly ok with that!

I hope that this decor was worth the wait!

Please tell me I am not the only late decorator this year?!?

sdab christmas 2018

Until next time!


December 10, 2018



  1. Kristin says:

    I love it! Definitely inspiration for me next year in my first home!

  2. Your holiday decor is just beautiful Nicole. I love your colors and all the ‘extra’ touches you added. A little ‘extra’ is a plus in my book.


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