Bye Summer! Jasmine’s Sweet 16 Birthday Dinner

Jasmine Sweet 16 Birthday Dinner

Happy Wednesday Friends!

We all know they Summer’s coming to an end. Even though it’s 80° in North Carolina, the first day of fall is this week and I couldn’t be more excited!!! Stay tuned for my fall décor post coming up!

Anyhoo, I thought the perfect way to exit Summer was to show you Jasmine’s Sweet 16th birthday dinner.

When we first talked about what she wanted, she said A LOT of different things. Big party, no party, combined party with her bestie, you name it! Her final decision was “mom can I just have a dinner party with some of my close friends?” My answer was ” we can definitely make that happen for you”. Easy Peasy right?!?


Jasmine really didn’t have too much of a theme. Her only request was the colors blush pink and rose gold. I added the small touches of black and white because duh!!! Black and white always makes everything better. Her style is pretty clean and modern, but also very feminine. So when designing her party, I kept that in mind. I tend to treat my kids and their parties like my client’s and their events. It’s a good thing.

Party Décor

Again, she didn’t want too much, so I kept things pretty simple. The bistro we booked for her was very accommodating. They even helped me decorate and set up for her party.

I made a few flower arrangements to go down her table. It was so cute along with the customized menu the bistro put together for her.

I also contacted a local dessert maker here in NC to make Jasmine’s candy apples. She was super sweet when we did two tries to get the correct color for her apples.

I also requested acrylic sticks and Rita was happy to oblige!

Dessert Table

You all know how much I love a dessert table!! Jas isn’t really a big sweets eater, but she had a few requests for her and her friends.

So we arranged for her and some of her girls to have a hotel room to get ready in and to sleepover after the party. Don’t worry, we were RIGHT next door ha!!!

I made Jasmine’s cake along with her donuts and chocolate covered Oreos. I also made her a small balloon arch as a backdrop.

Photography & Makeup

You guys already know how I feel about Ariel. Love her!!!! I really wanted Arie to capture this special milestone and she was more than happy to come.

All of the photography you see, she’s responsible for it.

Ariel also recommended Ty, who has the sweetest spirit!! Ty did Jasmine’s makeup that day and she loved it!! I can’t wait to work with her again!

Of course you know the siblings had to get in on it LOL!!

So there you have it! My nod goodbye to Summer.

My middle baby definitely enjoyed her day!

Jasmine is my Summer baby, so she always gets to have the outdoor parties. I told her this would probably be her last big party until graduation. We’ll see if I can stick to that.

You guys know that I absolutely love what I do and anytime I get to do it for my kids, I’m especially happy!!

Do you plan parties for your children?? I’d love to hear about it!

Let me know what you create!!


September 19, 2018



  1. Timmi says:

    The party looked great! Having boys definitely put a strain on how much decor I could have, but my oldest switched to dinner parties at 15. I still have my 12 year old, but his party celebration of choice is always a sleepover!

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