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Hey y’all hey and happy Friday !!

Let’s jump right into why we’re here today.

You all know how I feel about organizing right? I mean how I REALLY FEEL! I absolutely love to organize things. I love the feel and the look of an organized and pulled together space. It makes my heart dance just a little.

So when my blogger boo’s decided on the organization hop called #4DaysOfOrganizing, I was so for it. My pantry definitely needed a little love. I simply Love all of these ladies! 


Now do you remember last year when I properly and neatly organized this space ? You can find that post here

Well, it did good, but I felt as though it lacked some functionality and everyone wasn’t able to keep it organized.

So fast forward to today, I switched up a few things and I’m liking it better. I also think that the entire family will be able to keep it.

I moved some things around. Got rid of a few things and even added some baskets, which I was against at first, but I’m going to try them or and if they don’t work, I’ll just change it again.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to tackle panty organizing.

SN: My pantry is not the easiest to photograph, but because I love ya, I tried my best !!


Take Everything Out

And by everything, I do mean everything. I know that might seem like the obvious thing to do, but sometimes we try to skip this step, but it’s necessary.Taking all of your items out of the pantry allows you to do a few things.

  • See what you really have
  • Get rid of old and outdated items
  • Access your storage needs

You’ve heard the saying “it’ll get messy before it gets better” this is definitely the case with organizing just about anything. Taking everything out helps us to purge those items that we don’t need and can’t use anymore.


Develop A Plan

Once we’ve taken everything out of our space, the next thing we need to do is to devise a plan. A layout so to speak. I grabbed my trusty planner and went to work. It’s important to think of your organization with your families needs in mind. I always think of the spaces in my home in terms of zones. What can help all of us be more functional day to day? Creating zones helps to keep things organized, but also helps in terms of flow. For example, I knew that we needed specific areas for certain things, such as baking. I know that our glass jars are heavy and big, so I wanted to keep them in the same area and at a level that my girls and myself could reach them (because we’re all with the exception of daddy vertically challenged). In addition to that, I wanted to keep all the items that we would need when baking close by.


I absolutely LOVE the Raskog cart from IKEA ! It is one of the most functional and versatile items I own!! You can use these babies anywhere and for anything. I decided to take the smaller baking items, such as chocolate chips, baking powder, baking chocolate, etc off the shelves and place them in the cart. That way, not only am I saving space on the actual shelves, I can roll this girl out and roll her right back in when I’m finished AND I didn’t really disturb the pantry except to grab big items.


Think Functional & Pretty

I carry this motto with me, Functional and pretty for me go hand in hand! For example, you guys know that acrylic containers are my jam! One, you can see exactly what it is you have and they look good. The same things goes for baskets, they look good and they hold alot of things. I love the jars from IKEA, but we don’t have one nearby (but I will grab all the things when I get near to one) I had to resort to using what I had, which was clear acrylic containers, baskets both wire and wicker, glass and Mason jars.


Mason jars are wonderful, I’m just saying and they’re cheap! I take a chalk marker and write the contents on the lid along with the date it expires. So not only is my organization pretty, it is functional and that’s the ultimate goal. I love Pinterest pretty spaces just as much as the next girl, but all pretty and no functionality or purpose, leads to a mess.


Lastly, Label Are Our Friends !

Once we have our plan and we’re ready to make everything pretty, the next step is to label. Now I can be a little label crazy, but just know that each and every container doesn’t need a label. It’s really about the aesthetic you want. I do believe that you should label the containers that you won’t change, such as sugar, flour, certain pastas. 


So there you have it! Easy, quick and super functional pantry organizing tips ! If you have any additional tips, I would love to hear what they are !

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Until next time,

Happy Organizing!


February 2, 2018



  1. Nicole, I like how you continuously adjust your pantry based on your family’s needs and what works. I also loved how you labeled everything. It really helps everyone to get what they need quickly. No more asking “where is this” or “where is that”. Lastly, I love that IKEA cart and need it in my life. So much fun collaborating again with you and I can’t wait to do it again!

  2. Whitney says:

    Wow, Nicole, it’s so organized. I really love all the containers and how you labeled everything.

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