Throwing a Super Fun Teen Party At Home !

teen party

Hey Friends !

So my middle girl turned 14 back in July. She decided at the last-minute that she wanted to have a slumber party with a few of her close girlfriends. Me being the mom that I am, I told her it was totally ok ! I had NO idea !!

 I think I underestimated the impact that 6 teenagers girls could have and all while having their cell phones and snapchat ! What a night !

Teen Party

Jasmine chose to do a movie night, so I wanted to make her a little area where the girls could go and get snacks and refill on them if they needed to. I love to throw parties at home. Simply because it’s easier and more cost-effective. Some girls may need a lot, but if you are on a budget like me, the years between 13-16, I want to take it easy because THE SWEET SIXTEEN IS COMING !!! She’s been talking about it for years LOL !! So below I have a list of just a few things that you need to take your party up a notch, while hosting at home!

Teen Party

Be sure to get their input.

Sometimes we “think” we know what they may want, but they go and pull a switcheroo on us ! . I had previously saw these super cute neon party decor while I was out one day. I knew that would be perfect for Jasmine, but before I did any buying, I texted her a photo just to make sure. She loved them ! She LOVES bright colors !! So everything that I did was based on that. This can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be.

Teen Party

For Jasmine, we have just moved into our new home and are still getting settled. So because we didn’t have living room furniture yet, I used that to my advantage. I built the girls a simple fort using our dining chairs and a bunch of blankets and comforters. I used what I call the “awkward wall” in our kitchen to set up Jasmines snack bar. Like I said before, I knew that I wanted bright colors, because of the décor I had previously chosen. I also wanted to play on yellow because that’s her favorite color ! So that is precisely what I did ! Also since you are saving money on a venue and hosting at home, feel free to decorate as much or little as you please !!

Teen Party

Keep the menu simple

Don’t feel bad for having to buy food ! I had started out wanting to make a slider bar for the girls, but Jasmine wanted something a little simpler and I was happy to accommodate her lol !!

Teen Party

So they decided to eat pizza that evening. The next morning, I did make the girls a waffle and bacon bar! They loved that ! I also made them a cute little mimosa bar as well using mango orange and regular orange juice. Too cute and probably my favorite thing !

Teen Party

Teen Party

Teen Party

Teen Party

Always give favors that are functional and cute

Teen Oarty

I love to give party favors that people will use again, so I found these cute little wristlets at Michael’s. I also went to bath and body works and picked up Jasmines favorite scent Sweet Pea body spray. I also picked up some hand sanitizer at Bath and Body Works. Teenage girls are really into anything that makes them smell good!

Teen Party

All in all the party was a hit ! Especially when it began to get dark and the glow party accessories came out ! It was LIT as Jasmine would say !!

Teen Party

Teen Party

I hope that if you have teens, these small tips can help you ! You can still use these tips if you have smaller children. Teens can be a bit harder to please, so thank God for your little’s, while they are still little !! The teen world is NO JOKE !! I’m glad I could bring a mile to my girls face !! Mom Win !!

Teen Party

Until next time,

Party like its 1999 !!


August 4, 2016



  1. jamala

    August 5th, 2016 at 1:13 am

    What a lovely event! Your daughter is a lucky young lady… Everything was tastefully done

  2. Arie Williams

    August 5th, 2016 at 1:39 am

    Awwww!!! No girls here boo!! Just boys, and all their boy nature… This gave some great ideas for some of my friends in the future having a big girl party!!! Lol


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