2016 Year In Review !!

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

I am having the hardest time believing that it is New Years Eve !! 2016 came in and went by like the flash !! 

I will say this about the year, it has been a year of continued and perpetual growth. Lesson after lesson, but it has all been worth it. I must say !! 

As far as the blog goes, I have seen growth there too ! When I started out, I was kinda timid about sharing things and life, but now !!! I’m ALL in LOL!!

I wanted to share with you my top 10 Blog Post for 2016. These are the post that you loved and viewed the most ! So without further or do, here goes !! 

10. Thanksgiving Table Scape

You guys really seemed to love when I do my table scapes around here. I had so much fun creating this last-minute scape !! So you will see more of them in 2017

9. Jordan’s Springtime In Paris Birthday Party

She Does a BUnch year in review

You all know that I love a party and apparently you do to !! Look for more of these in 2017 !

8. Self-Care  Challenge

She Does a Bunch HomeMaker Monday SelfCare

This year I’ve really been making it a priority to make myself a priority in terms of self-care ! I think that some of you like me struggle in that area ! We will discuss this more too !

7. Planner Stamps by The Silhouette Mint

she does a bunch year in review

I will be giving more tutorials on The silhouette products in the future ! They are amazing !

6. My 2017 Planner Lineup

 She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

I think I have a ton of planner girls that love planners as much as I do ! You all apparently loved this post, so look for more plan with me sessions in the future !

5. HomeMaker Mondays !

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

You also really love when I talk about home and homemaking so we’ll just keep that going !!

4. 2016 Christmas Decor

 She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

You really loved my Christmas decor and all my crazy and extra antics ! I had so much fun with this years these. Besides decorating the new house was just a plus !!

3. FabFallFest Home Tour

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

This tour was so special to me because I got to pair up and collaborate with some fabulous ladies ! We will be making a lot of changes to the house, so stay up to date for that !

2. My Chic Home Office

She Does a Bunch 2017 Planner Line Up

This was the first room I completed when we moved in. I kinda rushed into things a little bit, so this space is about to have a tad bit of an overhaul. So please stick around for that !!

1. 15 Things We’ve Learned in 15 Years of Marriage

HomeMaker Monday; She Does a bUnch

Apparently you guys LOVE when we talk about marriage and Jesus ! SO I guess we will just keep that right up ! LOL !!! 

There you have it ! My 2016 year in review ! It has been a super real one, but a beautiful one !! I am too pumped about 2017 because it only goes up from here !! 

Tell me what are somethings you would be interested in seeing on the blog ? I want to hear from you ! Just leave me a comment below !

Until next time 

See YOU in 2017 !!!!

Much Love 



December 31, 2016

  1. Whitney says:

    So many great posts, Nicole! I can’t wait to see all you have in store for 2017. You have got to school me on your photography skills!

  2. Carli says:

    SO many beautiful projects Nicole! But I’m scratching my head wondering how I missed almost half of them (?) Well, guess I better catch up!

  3. Darnetha says:

    Nicole, you done so many wonderful projects last year. My absolute favorite was your daughters springtime in Paris party. So so pretty.

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you so much Darnetha ! I have to say that my girls parties are one of my most favorite things that I do !


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