Party Like a Pineapple

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I’m back wanting to share some of the photos from Jasmine’s Party Like a Pineapple Luau. The girls had a blast!!

I wanted to share a bit about Ms. Jas…



She just turned 13, I’m still trying to figure out where the time went! Jas is my 2nd child ( we call her the middle child because she definitely acts like it! ) Jas is very mature for her age, she has always been that way! When she was about one and a half she was in our room one night and she began to cry. We said ” Jas what’s the matter “? She said ” I’M SLEEPY ” HA!! We had to explain to her that it was perfectly fine if she was ready to go to bed at 8pm! She is still exactly the same way, minus the crying! She loves to shop, cook and bake, she is somewhat of a chef ! No really she is!! She also loves crafting, cheerleading, and decorating her room. She is such a good girl and very passionate about anything she undertakes. Jasmine is also very creative, she played an active role in planning her party, so without further or do, here are some of the photos! I hope you enjoy!

Party Like a Pineapple

Party Like a PineappleParty Like a Pineapple

 The girls were so excited to see one another that I really didn’t have to entertain  them. Teenage girls always create their own fun!Party Like a PineappleWater balloon fights are always a hit and it was hot! Perfect!Party Like a PineappleI really had a ball creating these paper flowers! These items will be listed in my shop by the end of the week. You will be able to buy them in all colors! Isn’t that fun!Party Like a Pineapple The dessert table didn’t come with a lot of fuss this year. Jasmine really didn’t want a lot of sweets so I had no problem with that. She tends to stay on the healthy side of things.Party Like a PieappleParty Like a PineappleParty Like a PieappleParty Like a Pieapple

I thought that the entire party was very casual and very laid back and not much fuss. All Jas wanted was her friends, some pool floats, water balloons and pineapples. Not hard to please at all. Summer parties are the best!Party Like a Pieapple

Party Like a PieappleParty Like a Pieapple

Regardless of what I thought should be there or what I didn’t get a chance to do, she was very pleased and had an awesome time! At the end of the day as mom, ( not party stylist ) that’s all I care about! I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into  Party Like a Pineapple.

Until next time Friends,

Be sure to Party Like a Pineapple!!