Happy Thursday Friends !

I am so stinking excited to bring you these gift ideas because that means we’re super – d – duper close to Christmas !! Are you like me and wondering where the time went ?!?

Hostess Gift Ideas: She Does a Bunch

I wanted to share with you some hostess gift ideas for the foodie and the home loving friends in your life. We talked about entertaining and either giving hostess gifts to your guest at the end of the evening or taking them to the home of the hostess that’s entertaining. You can find that post here.

Hostess with the mostess apple cider

Either way, these simple and inexpensive gift ideas are perfect and very practical. I have a few friends who love to cook, myself included ! We love using fresh and good quality ingredients, you know…? Not over complicating the food with a lot of seasonings ! So I made a hostess gift for the foodie and/or the friend that loves to cook ! 

Hostess Gift Ideas: She Does a Bunch

The Hostess Gift for The Foodie or Chef 

Here is what I used :

Good Quality Kitchen Towels

Good Quality Olive Oil

An Oven Matt with Silicone

Sturdy Kitchen Utensils


Now when I say good quality, I’m not saying that you have to buy the most expensive things you see, however you do get what you pay for and quality goes a really long way !  


Hostess Gift for The HomeBody ! 

This gift is for your friend that loves all things home. It just so happens that my foodie friends are home lovers too… Myself included ! 

What comes to mind for me is warm, fuzzy blankets, candles and things that make your house smell good and feel like home ! Man!! You can never go wrong with those items as gifts ! 


So you know I’m a fan of the Better Homes and Gardens products at Walmart ! Great prices, but also great quality ! The candles & wax warmer can smell an entire room ! Seriously !! 


Here’s what I included in this basket: 

Fuzzy Throw Blankets

Candles,candles, candles 

Wax Warmer & Wax Melts

When I buy gifts for others, I always keep these few question in the forefront of my mind… Would I like to receive it as a gift ? Will they use it ? Is it practical ? Is it great quality ?  


If you answered yes to all these questions, then by all means buy the gift. Don’t just buy gifts for giving gifts sake. Be sure that you’re thoughtful when giving. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and please live within your means ! 



It’s not always about how much money you spend, it really is the thought that counts. It really makes all the difference and others will know you really care by the measure in which you give . Lastly… whatever you do, please, please include a nice handwritten note on nice stationary… because it’s just the nice thing to do ! 

Until next time friends …

Love, Love