she does a bunch gift guidesHappy Saturday ! 

We are in the full swing of the season and if you are anything like me, I still haven’t completed my Christmas shopping yet ! I feel like life is a little more simpler and less expensive when you have little people. The tables totally turn when you have teenagers ! My kids LOVE to say ” I really don’t want a lot this year” but their 2 or 3 gifts can be a little costly !

I have prepared a gift guide for Teen and Tween girls, because let’s just be honest, sometimes they can be a teeny bit “different” LOL !! So I asked my girls to take part in this guide and they were happy to help ! 

So if you have a teen or tween girl and you’re really not sure what to grab her this Christmas, we are here to help you ! Below you will find a list of items that won’t really break the bank. Here is the most important tip to help you on your shopping journey !

Just ask them what they want

Remember the saying ” If you want to know something, just ask” It sounds so simple, but sometimes we just don’t ask. You don’t have to try to play the guessing game with your teens and please don’t assume you know what they want LOL!! If you asked them a month ago, be sure to go back and ask again, before you shop. Trends change and so do teenagers LOL !! It will save you a lot of time and frustration

My rule of thumb, when in doubt just go to Forever 21 or Bath and Body Works!!If they’re super girly like my girls, they love to dress up and smell good ! They will be ecstatic.I promise.

 I have paired up with a few other awesome blogger friends and we’ll be sharing 12 days of Gift Guides ! 

 You can shop all the link to the items below this post… Enjoy !! 

 she does a bunch gift guides