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Comparison Trap

So let’s talk… How many of you have ever been bitten by the Comparison Monster ? Really be honest !! I know that I have on more occasions that I care to admit ! Here are a few things I have realized about the enemy of comparison:

  • It really steals your joy
  • It turns what you have into not enough
  • It give us a false sense of reality that WE are not enough

So I have made it my goal to just STOP !!

  • STOP comparing myself to strangers on the internet
  • STOP comparing my beginning to someone else’s middle
  • STOP trying to fit into a mold that GOD NEVER designed for me to fit in and just DO ME!!!

I have done pretty good with this, but I have to be honest, being a blogger and seeing all the beautiful bloggers out there, it can be a little intimidating. However, they started somewhere as and I’m sure they struggled with comparison as well.

Let me clarify this. When I say “Do Me”, I don’t mean the me who I think I am or the me who I’m trying to be. Nope I’m talking about the me who God has given me my identity and I know precisely WHO I am. I want you to know that about YOURSELF too. Nothing you do should look like anyone else’s and you can definitely be inspired by someone there is nothing wrong with that, but whatever you do. PLEASE don’t copy ! You do yourself and the God who created you a disservice when you try to be like someone else! Remember that…

So with that being said, I have struggled to find what my niche is and to be honest, I still really don’t know and to be even more honest, I kinda really don’t care anymore ! I don’t like limits or titles because then that’s what people will always expect to see from you and I can’t promise you that I will always stick to “a niche”. I just want to blog about things I love and that’s precisely what I plan to do. When you love and are passionate about things, you tend to talk about them. So that is what I’m going to do in hopes that it will encourage, motivate and inspire you too.

Here are the things you will see here:


She Does a Bunch Style


I am A Proverbs 31 CHIC ! That is THE basis for She Does a Bunch ! I will continue to talk about my faith and being in relationship with Jesus. I love Jesus FOR REAL y’all and without Him I am absolutely nothing ! I will talk about the things He has laid on my heart to say. Encouraging you to be who YOU are and How a real relationship with Him can get you to where you need to anywhere in your life..

Marriage & WifeLife

She Does a Bunch What I Wore


Marriage is SO much fun and its also hard work, but very rewarding. I will talk about married stuff, activities, date nights, fun stuff, but some hard stuff too, that will encourage, inspire and uplift you ! Ok and I’ll probably talk about sex too! I will also have some guest appearances on here from the Mr. So stay tuned for that. Please know that this blog is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE ! So don’t ever feel like you can’t share here because you can.

Mom &Family Life

Patterson Christmas Cards Patterson Christmas Cards

I’m a mom as I’m sure so are many of you and I love my family !! We all need a little help from time to time. Even though I’m NOT an expert on the topic. I’m still learning everyday, especially with teens (geesh) !  It is good to hear another moms point of view at times. As momma’s we don’t know everything and even with a son that’s 18 years old I/we never will and we don’t have to do it alone. We can however learn from each other and help one another.

HomeMaking & Home Décor

I am a homemaker at heart ! Not just saying something because it sounds good… but actually have and still live it. It is not for the weak or fainthearted. It’s work and its work I am SO passionate about and ADORE !! I’ll be sharing all the aspects that go along with being a homemaker.

She Does a Bunch: Thanksgiving Table Ideas She Does a Bunch meal planning She Does a Bunch meal planning

That includes, but wont be limited to… Decorating your home, budgeting, meal planning, awesome recipes, cleaning and organizing tips, tricks and shortcuts and ALL the many things we do as homemakers !


Entertaining, Parties, Crafts & DIY

SDAB New Years SDAB Holiday Bar cart

SDAB Holiday Bar cart

I LOVE all these things I will continue to bring you the best tutorials, parties and entertaining inspiration so that you can implement these things in your home!

A Little Bit Of Fashion

She Does a Bunch What I Wore

As I told you before, I am no expert, but I like what I like and I have developed my own style that I like. I also believe that even on the days we don’t “FEEL” like getting dressed are the days we should not only get dressed, but show up and SLAY! Life isn’t all about the outfit , but it helps ! I also get asked where I get some of my pieces, especially my skirts! I’m here to share that as well.


I don’t know how to be anything other than real and I’m pretty sure you are the same way. Life is hard sometimes, no question about it, I hope through this platform that you will find out that even though life can be challenging, it is a beautiful and priceless gift and is to be enjoyed !

So there you have it, that’s what we’ll be doing for 2016. I believe I have talked about all these things, I just wanted to make sure you were updated I hope you are all in because we are going to have some FUN !!!

I am SO OVERWHELMED by ALL your LOVE !!! Let me just tell you how much you all encourage me on THE DAILY !! You guys keep me going I tell you. The fact that you read, comment and show your love… it just tickles me ! SERIOUSLY… I can’t say thank you enough !! I love all my readers and subscribers and even the ones just passing through… Yep I heart you too ! By now, you know I love exclamation points and all caps right !! That’s because I am SOOO PASSIONATE about bringing you all the best content I can and the very best parts of me !! Thank you again for your love ! Now let’s buckle up and get on down this road. Y’all ready ?!?

Tell me more of what you’d like to see, I know what I like, but I’d LOVE to know what you like and what you’d like to talk about as well. Sp leave me some love in the comments section !

Until next time…

Much Love




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