Happy Tuesday Friends!

I’m here today to give you the weekly gluten free meal plan. It’s been a crazy weekend and a crazy start to the beginning of the week, but as promised, here’s what I’m eating this week.

Breakfast & Lunch – Monday – Saturday

Breakfast – Green protein smoothie or Oatmeal or boiled eggs with chicken sausage. I recently bought these jalapeno-chicken mango sausages that I’m itching to try!

Lunch – Spinach, Apple & Pear Salad with Grilled Chicken or Salmon. I’ll be adding some hard boiled eggs to this too and possibly walnuts.

Monday Dinner – leftovers from Sunday dinner. Roasted chicken, sweet potatoes & collard greens.

Tuesday Dinner – Baked salmon, baked sweet potatoes and garlic spinach.

Wednesday Dinner – Grilled chicken salads with homemade dressing (you could make ranch, but I’m not doing dairy either, so some type of vinaigrette for me. The girls will probably make ranch dressing)

Thursday Dinner – Leftovers from Wednesday. I always make extra.

Friday Dinner – Sheet pan nachos with chicken. I didn’t get to make these last week, so back on the menu they go for this week.

Saturday Dinner – Cheer competition day & Date night with the Mr. !

Some of the items I didn’t get to make last week, because cheerleading is kinda taking over my life this month, so I’m making a better effort to meal prep ahead of time.

I’ll be adding more recipes too. Working on cooking earlier, so I can get great lighting!

What have you made this week that could be gluten free that I could try?

Until next time

Happy and healthy eats!!


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