Hey y’all ! How’s it going in your neck of the woods? I’m hoping that all is well !

So I wanted to share something here with you today. I have been a little absent here, due to some pretty big things going on here! One of the changes that we are having to make is switching our house back to an organic and totally green space. Let me explain…
So my youngest daughter Jordan has always struggled with eczema. We found out a few years ago that she had Nummular eczema which has caused us to have to eliminate sugar and some dairy from her diet (even though she sometimes sneaks it !) We also started her on a probiotic regimen which has cleared her eczema right up. Thank God for that !

A few months ago I began noticing her scalp was very dry and flaky, it would also bleed and ooze and cause her to have sores in head. I then began to notice bald spots in her head because the sores she got scratching her head scabbed over and eventually caused her to have quite the hair loss. Just hurt my feelings so bad. As a mom we want to fix everything, but as I have learned over the years, that definitely is not possible, but we can nurture them and let them know everything is going to be alright and that God has them right there in the palm of His hand. That brings me much comfort.

So after taking her to the doctor, they explained to us that she had Seborrheic dermatitis and would need to be prescribed a medicated shampoo that would need to be used twice a week. Now I’m sure you have seen my daughter and you know she has a lot of hair… and it’s thick… and she’s tender head! Geesh !! I’m not complaining though… just keep listening. Her doctor then lets us know that she is very susceptible and sensitive to certain things such as some ingredients found in some cleaning products and washing powder and has very severe allergies to those types of things. He then tells us that we have to be careful what we clean with and what we put on and in her body.

Now a couple of years ago I started experimenting with making my cleaning supplies and laundry detergent for multiple reasons.

  • It’s all natural
  • It’s healthier
  • It’s cheaper !

I really got into making my own cleaners to take a more natural approach to my everyday cleaning and to save some coins. I kinda got away from making them just because I got a little busy and pressed for time. So I begin to do what was easiest and purchase household cleaning products along with washing powder. There is nothing wrong with that at all. My reasons for making the journey back to a green home have drastically changed. I now don’t have the luxury of green cleaning when I “have the time”, it is now going to be the basis of my cleaning routine, so I must make time. So here we are on Our Journey Back To a Green Home again…


With that being said, While I was out on one of my many shopping trips to HomeGoods, I found this cleaner by Murchinson-Hume that was called Ladies Bathroom Cleaner. Now I had seen these products around Instagram, but never read the story behind them or purchased any because I made my own.

Well I purchased the cleaner (the bottles are so cute !) and then I used it, not only does it smell AMAZING, but it WORKS !! I mean it really cleans as I thought it would and its all natural. I went to the site and read the story of how their youngest son was diagnosed with allergic sensitivities in most soaps and household cleaning products, so she began to make an alternative. I knew that I had seriously fallen in love!

Sometimes you feel like you are the only one dealing with what you are dealing with and that’s so not the case !


So after I did my research on them I began to order some of the different products they had and they worked like a charm! Now you know I ONLY talk about products that I absolutely love and NO this is not an ad, just love for a great product that will continue to be used in my everyday cleaning routine. These products are natural, and they are pet friendly which is important for our little Peyton. So much so, that I even ordered the doggy shampoo and conditioner for him ! He’s so spoiled !


So there you have it friends, my open and transparent reason for why I am a big believer of all natural products and the reason we have gone back to green cleaning !

I felt the need to share this with you after all friends share with each other right LOL !!

I’m wanting to know if any of you moms have had to deal with your child having any type of allergic sensitivities like this? What have you changed that has worked in your home? How do you deal with it? I’d love to hear from you and hear anything that has helped, because I’m not going to lie, this is a hard one, but I choose to see the bright and positive side, which means a clean, happy and healthy home for everyone!

Until next time friends

Keep It Tidy